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bx_rockrack PRO

bx_rockrack PRO

From Clean Funk to Jazz to Heavy Metal.

Award-winning guitar amp plugin like no other. Offering complete "recording chains" of 2 world-class studios in LA and Germany!

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  • bx_rockrack PRO. The First Guitar Amp Simulation Plugin. V1.2 OUT NOW.
    The Brainworx team, renowned for their 1:1-emulations of even the most expensive hi-end audio gear, have taken a new aproach on guitar amp plugins. Most amp sims out there pretend to simulate 112 amps and 256 microphones, and then you can tweak them as long as you want and still don´t get the sound they all promise. Most of the times the distortion sounds all sound the same, and not great at all.

    That´s over now.
    BX give you just a few (perfectly) modeled tube-amps, and the way they have captured COMPLETE recording chains in some of the best equipped studios with the help of very experienced engineers is simply revolutionary. Select your favorite speaker / recording chain, choose your amp, tweak the gain and EQ settings, and there you go.

    World-class guitar sounds, recallable and reliable. If you have ever tried to record the same identical amp in the same studio twice and ended up frustrated because the results just were NOT the same in the end you know what we are talking about.

    PRO Version:
    The new PRO version has 7 amps now - including the 2 brand new JAZZ amps. And BX have much improved the noise gate.

    If you purchased bx_rockrack (no matter when!) you are entitled to buy bx_stereomaker for just $50. Please contact our sales support after you purchase bx_rockrack to receive your personal discount voucher!

  • There are 7 channels now in bx_rockrack, modeled to sound like these classic amps:

    - Clean Marshall® JCM800®
    - Lead Marshall® JCM800®
    - Clean ENGL® 530
    - Lead ENGL® 530
    - Clean American Jazz Amp
    - Crunchy American Jazz Amp
    - MesaBoogie® Rectoverb®

    The Cabinets we used to capture recording chains:

    - Marshall® 1960 TV
    - MesaBoogie® 4x12
    - Orange® 2x12
    - Diezel® 4x12

    "NO RECORDING CHAIN" - Feature:
    You can now switch off the internal recording chains (aka speakers) and use other speaker simulation plugins if desired, or you can even play live with bx_rockrack, routing your computer output straight into a real guitar power amp and a speaker. You´ll be surprised...!

    The studios and engineers who helped us capture their original recording chains:
    - THE MIX ROOM (Ben Grosse), Burbank, CALIFORNIA.
    (Disturbed, Muse, Slipknot, etc.)
    - BRAINWORX STUDIO (Dirk Ulrich), Langenfeld, GERMANY.

    Vintage Neumann® CMV-563, Royer® 121, Shure® SM57

    NEVE® VXS72 plus TAB® V76® mic preamp (Brainworx Studio)
    SSL® 9000K with Vintage Neve® 1073 preamps & EQs. (The Mix Room LA)

    Legal note:
    bx_rockrack / Brainworx / Plugin Alliance are not connected with, or approved or endorsed by, the owners of the Celestion, Engl, Diezel, Marshall, Mesa/Boogie, Neumann, Fender, Orange, Royer, Shure names. These names are only used to identify the sound of the guitar amplifiers, cabinets, speakers and microphones which we used, emulated or captured.
  • If you purchase bx_rockrack you may add bx_stereomaker for just $50! (List price is $129).
    Please contact our sales support after you have purchased bx_rockarck and request your personal discount voucher!

  • MP3: Axel Fischbacher Trio - Der Kleine (NEW Clean Jazz Amp in action!)

    MP3: Fusion Trio (Band G.U.T. recorded live with bx_rockrack!)

    MP3: Metal Demo (ft. Eric Klinger (ex-Pro Pain) and Ulf Stricker))

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    Legacy Installers

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