About Bundles

Plugin Alliance offers two types of bundle: Curated and Custom.

  • Curated bundles are similar to bundles offered by other companies in that they contain a pre-selected group of titles.
  • Custom bundles give you the ability to create a bundle of just the plugins you want and still save.

Curated Bundles

  • Hand picked collections based on feedback from pro users.
  • Curated bundles are typically sold at deeper discounts. The All Bundle, for example, is 60% of the MSRP of the plugin collection.
  • Any curated bundle purchase over $500 but under $1,000 can be paid off in 6 months same as cash *
  • Any curated bundle purchase over $1,000 can be paid off in 12 months same as cash *
  • Top me off! If you already own one or more of the titles offered in a Curated Bundles the price is discounted for those you already own. If you’re logged in, your discounted price appears on the product page.

Custom Bundles

  • Create your own bundle from any of the plugins available on the Plugin Alliance web site.
  • Add more, save more! Get 20% when you buy two plugins, 25% for 3, 30% for 4, 35% for 5, 40% for 6, 45% for 7 and 50% for 8 or more plugins! **
  • Simply add more products to your cart and watch the discounts increase!

  1. When you opt to pay off your bundle purchase via our free financing option, you are committing to the full purchase price, it is not a rent to own, or leasing program, you are making a purchase. For more information, see our financing FAQ
  2. Only one Curated Bundle may be added to your cart per checkout.
  3. Curated Bundles do not count as a plugin towards the discount for Custom Bundles.