Adam Collins is an American house and techno DJ/producer from New York City, now based in Los Angeles.  

Adam got his start in electronic music while studying modular synthesis at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the mid-90s, and formed the group Omni A.M. with partner Marky Star in their Wicker Park loft. The duo quickly gained a cult following for their quirky beats, surprise samples and hidden messages etched onto their records. The success of the single “Can We Get” kicked off an international tour and they were featured on the influential Fabric Records’ Tyrant 2 mix. Resident Advisor praised the appearance, declaring “‘Beat Dis’ by Omni A.M. is as good as house music can possibly get.” 

Adam learned to DJ by watching his mentor Derrick Carter and his influences include DC-10, Perlon and the Wicked Crew. He built his early vinyl collection with the help of Gramaphone Records and various independent shops on the west and south side of Chicago. Surrounded by producers for labels such as Classic, Guidance and Swag Records, and influenced by the emerging electronic sounds of South London and Germany, Adam cofounded Euphoria Records which would go on to release New York Sessions and New Life through Prime Distribution UK. 

Since then, Adam has become an in-demand solo act and one-third of the celebrated Brooklyn DJ collective House On Mute. He has toured Japan, Europe and South America, playing alongside artists such as “Evil” Eddie Richards, Modeselektor and Blond:ish. His DJ performances include shows at Output/The Panther Room and Mysteryland USA. He has held DJ residencies at Halcyon The Shop, Le Bain at The Standard Hotel, National Underground, and Othersound LA. Adam has produced music for labels including Primal, Crayon, Big Chief, Midnight Social, and Low Money Music Love. He has collaborated with genre-defining artists including Tyree Cooper, Terry Francis, Mark Ambrose, and Jay Tripwire. He currently produces events for Proper Channels LA, including booking Dance Spirit and Julian Perez.

Adam is passionate about growing the next generation of dance music producers and fans. His art, education and philanthropy projects include partnerships with South Street Seaport/The Howard Hughes Corporation, FIGMENT art festival, Plugin Alliance and Semana de Musica Avanzada, Guatemala. 

Adam’s mission is simple: to share and perform his music in every corner of the world because he truly believes that music brings people together. When he’s not working the dancefloor, Adam serves tacos with his west coast crew at festivals like Desert Hearts.


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Product Reviews

  • elysia mpressor

    Super clean compression in a simple to read and compact plugin. I really like the audio filters for frequency focus. Easy to drop this on every drum channel for individual attention. Both tames and fattens 808 kicks.

  • ENGL E646 VS

    I can't believe I have an amplifier like this inside my computer. And it weighs nothing. My mind is blown.

  • Brainworx bx_cleansweep Pro

    This is now my go-to filter. The name says it all and the Butterworth filter is so buttery smooth. Using it on drum loops for quick focus and extreme sweeps.

  • Brainworx bx_digital V3

    It really is the world's best EQ plugin. The Mono Maker, Dynamic EQ and Presence Shift are my favorite parts of this tool. Perfect for the final mix and for when you only have a stereo file to work with.

  • SPL TwinTube

    It's all about improving your harmonics with this plugin. Perfect for livening arpeggios and synth stacks with one dial. Adds that presence you might be looking for.

  • Brainworx bx_panEQ

    With the bx_panEQ I’m really impressed with the way you can focus on frequencies in the stereo field. I think that’s really important for my older sessions when I go back to them to master and add some life to them. Being able to use this in a creative way and throw sounds around with automation is really exciting.

  • Unfiltered Audio Fault

    Fault can dismantle any sound. Pitch changes are very clean and the frequency shifter is perfect for harmonies or messing sounds right up. Added delay, filter and ring modulator give you complete control. The best part is re-routing on the face of the plugin with drag and drop patch cables making the unit very modular.

  • Brainworx bx_limiter

    The meter is fast and accurate. This limiter can go on any channel and quickly get your sounds to 0db before final mastering. Also great for homogenizing stems that have unwanted audio peaks that are higher than the core sound.