In 1985, Joe met Macy Gray while paying his bill at Larry Parker’s Beverly Hills diner. She was the cashier and surmised Joe was a guitar player due to long hair axe-slingers were sporting in those days. She said, “I’m a singer. Do you play guitar?” “Sure do!” “Well, we should get together tomorrow and write a song.” “Sounds good to me,” said Joe.

The next day she visited his place. After 5 minutes of hearing her sing, Joe put down his guitar and said, “I will commit, right now in this moment, to being your producer and develop you and never leave you or stop trying for however long it takes until we make it.”

17 years later, Macy broke through and Joe was signed to a half million dollar worldwide publishing deal with Paramount Pictures music publishing division, Famous Music — and built his career from there.

Currently Joe is developing new artists and running Joe Solo Productions, Inc., He is also is educating and inspiring songwriters, artists, and other aspiring music industry professionals to become successful through his Music Success Workshop company by offering instructional videos, hands-on career coaching, convention keynotes, a television show revealing how to groom artists for the big-time, weekend retreats, and of course. . . songwriting & producing records.


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