Julius has been playing the piano since age 5 and composing since age 9. His interest in electronic music was sparked by the evolution of ambient and space music in Europe, which later influenced his sonic approach to composition as he was designing sounds and beta-testing synthesizers for Roland in his early twenties. After his first instrumental albums and original film scores brought him both critical acclaim and popular success across Central Europe at a young age, Julius relocated to the US.

Julius spent two decades in the television- and film industries as an award-winning composer, synthesist and producer, becoming known for his work in movies such as Don't Mess with the Zohan, MallCop, The Zookeeper, in television programs like 127 episodes of the DragonBall Z series, NCIS, and in countless advertisements. By 2010, he had released seven electronic and electro-orchestral albums on various labels, including the platinum-selling Connecting Images, the epic Mountain Flying and the stylistically diverse Transitions. His mixing and producer credits span over a wide range of genres, and include performances by Grammy-winning artists such as Erykah Badu and Martha Sebestyen.

Taking a break from the film music industry and focusing on his philosophical and musical concepts, his alias forgotten future was born in 2009 – which separates his former identity as an established for-hire composer from that of the psybient / epic ambient music producer with an uncompromised passion for emotionally captivating music and densely-layered sonic environments.

In 2015, forgotten future released the first work in its 7-part concept album series, W1, under the Creative Shop Music label, inviting audiences to a musical journey that is everything but usual, both in its sound and in its theme. Despite of its non-commercial approach, the album became a top seller in its genre and found its way to the scene’s leading stations, online channels and charts thank to thousands of loyal followers worldwide, interviews (including an NPR feature story), compilations and live shows. The forgotten future: Realignment EP followed in 2016, along with more performances. Both albums received a companion online experience that allows visitors to interact with musical elements, deconstruct the soundscapes and find clues about the concepts and hidden meanings.

Julius' music evokes deep emotions & memories with haunting melodies, cutting-edge sound design, complex fragmented rhythms, and manifests unique moods through intricate and often epic instrumentation, processed field recordings and rich, evolving organic textures. The music reveals some clearly European roots and the influence of Nature. Forgotten future's themes are related to some of the most intriguing questions of human existence; from time and space, to origin, the multiverse and parallel realities. While most describe forgotten future as “organic electronic music”, Julius never fails to surprise his audience with new sonic worlds and a unique musical experience that is years ahead of the trends.

Besides working on the newest forgotten future album, Julius stays busy with designing sound for installations, testing new audio tools and composing music for visual media in his Studio CS. He is also sharing his production philosophy with digital audio technology students as a Distinguished Lecturer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Product Reviews

  • Unfiltered Audio Sandman

    Sandman will definitely sprinkle its grains on the next forgotten future album – guaranteed surprises in the time domain, and the most fun I've had with a delay for a long time!

  • Unfiltered Audio Dent 2

    Dent gives me more types of digital degradation effects than I'll ever need, and the kind of flexible modulation section I'm used to in complex sound synthesis work.

  • Unfiltered Audio SpecOps

    SpecOps allows you to disassemble your audio's frequency spectrum and reassemble it to your liking. With the freeze option and a super-flexible modulation system it's a great tool for extreme sound design, and allows you to surrender to the sonic deities for some really unexpected results.

  • Unfiltered Audio Sandman Pro

    Easily my favorite Plugin Alliance plugin.

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