Since tapping into the musical mainstream with his remix work for artists such as Robin S, Sia, Texas, Missy Elliott, Madonna, Taio Cruz and Ne-Yo, Grammy Award nominated artist, producer and DJ StoneBridge has not slowed down. StoneBridge has taken his unique brand of sexy, groove-ladled house to crowds throughout the world. His DJ travels have encompassed top bill performances at stages from Australia’s Future Music Festival, Sundown Music Festival and Wet Electric to Womb in Tokyo, while being a regular guest at clubs like London’s Ministry of Sound, San Francisco’s Ruby Skye and Detroit’s Bleu. 

In his early days, StoneBridge created Sweden’s first DJ/Remix company, SweMix. He turned a basement operation into a hugely successful record label and brand and as part of this, StoneBridge was responsible for worldwide hits like Robin S ‘Show Me Love’ (StoneBridge Mix) and later earning his GRAMMY Nomination with Ne-Yo ‘Closer’ (StoneBridge Club Mix). In 2012 StoneBridge received a BMI Songwriter of the year award as co-writer of Jason Derulo’s 'Don't Wanna Go Home’, which uses StoneBridge’s iconic ‘Show Me Love’ bass line. 

His prolific musical output has led to three studio albums. StoneBridge’s debut LP came in 2004 with the arrival of ‘Can’t Get Enough’, which garnered international acclaim among clubbers and the world’s music press. The album went on to sell over 60.000 copies and spawned undoubtedly two of StoneBridge’s biggest singles to date; ‘Put ‘Em High’ and ‘Take Me Away’, which both scored UK Top 10 chart positions. He then returned to the studio to complete the next album, ‘Music Takes Me’, which featured massive hits like ‘SOS’, ‘You Don’t Know’ and ‘Close To Heaven’. His third artist album, ‘The Morning After’, released in 2010, was regarded by StoneBridge as his ‘musical chef d'oeuvre’. The title track and second single from the album ‘Trip’en’ saw StoneBridge maintain his form for success.

StoneBridge’s new single, ‘If You Like It’ at the top of Billboard Dance, UK and Swedish Dance Charts, following the success of his recent hit singles; ‘A World Without You’,‘Believe It,Losing Control’, ‘You Can Have It All’ and ‘Be Kind’ (with Crystal Waters) and all chalking up massive streaming on Spotify and supported by top DJs and radio stations worldwide. Hot new remixes include Dave Audé ft Andy Bell ‘True Original’ (#1 Billboard), Karine Hannah/Dave Audé ‘Burning Up’ (#6 Billboard), Dirty Disco ft Inaya Day ‘Stranded’ (#3 Billboard) and Sted-E, Hybrid Heights & Crystal Waters ’Synergy’ (#1 Billboard).

 With his music regularly chalking up playlist support on radio networks such as BBC Radio 1, Sirius XM and Kiss FM, StoneBridge’s presence on the airwaves is familiar. This led to StoneBridge hosting his own weekly StoneBridge #bpmMix radio show on Sirius XM/BPM broadcasting to millions every Saturday throughout North America as well as a weekly guest mix for Hed Kandi Japan on Japanese top station Block FM. As a resident at Sirius XM/BPM his name has become synonymous with Saturday night dance music. 

In addition to his busy studio, radio and touring commitments, StoneBridge also runs his own record label Stoney Boy Music, established in 1997 and boasts early releases from future stars Axwell, Eric Prydz and Robbie Rivera and the highly acclaimed sub label Dirty Harry Records.


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Product Reviews

  • SPL Mo-Verb Plus

    Love the SPL plugs and have used the Mo-Verb and De-Verb on pretty much all remixes where I get a wet stem to either crank or decrease the wet, with the most awesome result! Just when you thought they couldn’t get any better, the SPL boys added a limiter function -- class! The Attacker Plus seems to have even more bite, so five stars all around!

  • Brainworx bx_subfilter

    Always a little Christmas vibe testing Plugin Alliance stuff, but today the triple espresso fell over. Man, this bx_subfilter one is something I have been dreaming about for 15 years. The total control of the bottom end with sweepable transient, resonance control and all aspects of bass with a straightforward interface. This one is a MUST for the bass loving producer.

  • Lindell Audio 354E

    Absolutely love the Lindell 354E multiband compressor. The presets are awesome as a start position, like the mix masterclass. Then the interface… awesome! Will use on my mixes from now on, plus on the keyboard buss.

  • Unfiltered Audio Instant Delay

    This is the closest thing I have tried since my beloved Roland Dep 5. It has insane control of all dirt aspects which makes it ideal to liven up a flat performance or a slightly straight vocal melody. Also great for stabs or dirty samples in the background -- will be my go-to creative delay!

  • Brainworx bx_digital V3

    Insane control of image and frequencies, a sound can be worked into a mix in a way few other EQs can. Perfect for stabby plucks and other rhythmic riffs just to mention one use. The new features like the dynamic EQ take this killer plug to the next level.

  • Dangerous Music BAX EQ

    Excellent tool for surgically removing disturbing frequencies in a whole mix or a sound in the most stylish and elegant way. Sounds fantastic too!

  • Brainworx bx_cleansweep Pro

    I haven’t seen a fun plugin like this since the early GRM Tools days. It’s perfect using the joystick to sweep out the most funky or twisted sounds in a way you just can’t do with a normal EQ or plug. Highly recommended for the adventurous producer!

  • SPL Transient Designer Plus

    One of my go to plugs to get that smack in a snare or clap. Also great on loops to get what counts heard in the mix. Have used it on most mixes for over ten years. The addition of the limiter and parallel mix features make this classic even more potent.

  • elysia karacter

    elysia karacter… what can I say? You can smash it as much as you like, but can also be as hi-fi and FET as you want. Love the presets too, very handy and many just ready to go, and the mix blend function is great to keep transients. Did I mention they look really cool too - recommended!

  • This is a really good British console style design and I love the four-bank settings for quick comparisons. It's been a long time since I heard a better low cut as well. This is not only perfect for mastering, but also tasty sample sound design. The high end is so tasty too!

  • SPL EQ Ranger Plus

    I have a lot of EQs but most seem to lack a clean interface. This allows you to go in and attack areas you want. Grabbing curves in other plugins means messing with Q values, but I find this method super quick and intuitive. The air around 16k is sounding so good and the presets are awesome for quick processing of drums.

  • ACME Audio Opticom XLA-3

    Love this compressor, great that it adds total control of things like noise. Will be my go to master buss compressor from here on out. Even a hair of it adds clarity and vibe to a mix.

  • fiedler audio stage

    I absolutely love this fire -- not only for brilliant additional touches to mastering (sounding like $$$ if done right), but also for creating magic atmospheric stuff in production layers. So good!!

  • Like the E, this one has those lovely A-B-C-D compare options. I find the midrange especially tasty on this model as well as the compressor. Just brings out stuff you never knew was there.

  • Unfiltered Audio SpecOps

    This is absolute GOLD!!!! The colouring, the drastic compressor, filter sweeps. My go-to weapon from now on!

  • Dear Reality dearVR pro

    Have not heard a verb as transparent since the Lexicon. This is insanely good and especially when creating cool rooms for drums and percussion. Love that you can separate verb and reflection, did some insane experiments on a full track and loving it!

  • Unfiltered Audio Zip

    Zip is a WEAPON! I will even put it on my master as it has that incredible ‘sounds like a record’ feel. Experimented with the LFO and got this insanely silky bottom end going. That it can be radical is also a plus, gotta love a little naughty!

  • Unfiltered Audio Sandman Pro

    LOVE this delay - been looking for something like this since the Roland DEP5 days. Radical if you want, more polite works too. BRILLIANT!

  • SPL Vitalizer MK2-T

    Awesome tone on this EQ; it's another one I sometimes bang on a bus or a tired mix down or an mp3 promo that just sounds too boring. Excellent presets for starting position.

  • SPL TwinTube

    Tired backing vocal and poorly recorded guitar saver. Amazing results and super easy to work with!

  • Black Box Analog Design HG-2

    We all love that analogue air that is so hard to get right in the harsh digital world. Until now that is. I’m blown away by how easy this plug makes the mix sound $$$ and it also has all kinds of dirt and filth adds for that final touch - absolutely love it!

  • Brainworx bx_subsynth

    My new go to weapon for low end sound design. I am amazed at the full control of all aspects in the bottom end; it really does things I didn’t think were possible and is especially useful for mixes that just can’t be leveled in the mix, but need a sub layer. It also has evil dirt abilities as a huge bonus. A must have processor!