Did you know there is another way to use and collect our plugins: PA Cashback Bundles. From curated selections of plugins for specific areas of music production, such as the Musician Bundle and the Mix & Master Bundle, to the mighty MEGA Bundle which gives you unlimited access to all PA plugins, updates, desktop applications and online services.

The joy of FREE Shopping
PA bundles are so much more than a subscription service: They give back! 

The MEGA Bundle is $24.99 a month or $249.99 annually and MEGA Members receive a $249.99 cashback voucher that can be spent on anything sold on the Plugin Alliance website. With the MEGA yearly plan you get this voucher as soon as you sign up for the plan, meaning your membership fees are gifted straight back to you as cashback voucher - for buying whatever you want from the PA store! This is what we call FREE Shopping. Monthly members get the same voucher after 12 months of continuous membership.

On average you can collect and keep 5-8 plugins forever with every year of your membership! Just use your $249.99 cashback voucher during a MEGA sale and pick 5 plugins at $49.99/each or 8 plugins at $29.99/each, for example.

What can you buy with Plugin Alliance cashback vouchers?
In short, anything that’s for sale on the PA store is fair game for FREE Shopping. Access all the plugins you need with your bundle. And when you discover a plugin that you don’t want to live without, just buy it to own it forever with your cashback vouchers. This is what FREE shopping is all about. You can always get the best value by using your cashback vouchers in our famous MEGA sales, which are held every 3 months and include discounts of up to 90%. We'll announce these sales via our email newsletters, stay tuned!

Early Access with exclusive MEGA-Releases
On top of PA cashback vouchers, MEGA members receive pre-release access to our newest plugins. Here are some highlights of the 2022 release calendar for MEGA Early Access. MEGA members will get them first!

  • AMEK – EQ 250
  • Brainworx – bx_masterdesk V2
  • Maor Appelbaum & Hendyamps – The Oven
  • Looptrotter – Sat2Rate
  • PA – MEGA Sampler
  • SPL – PQ
  • Tomo Audiolabs – Lisa
  • Unfiltered Audio – TAILS

More than plugins
MEGA Members also get exclusive access to the Brainworx Style Creator App – a computer-assisted mastering desktop application that cannot otherwise be purchased; Gig Performer 4 – a super low-latency plugin host that allows you to take your plugin amps, synths and FX on stage; the forthcoming cloud-connected MEGA Sample Player plugin, featuring exclusive samples, and so much more.

The MEGA Bundle gives you the best of both worlds: Use all the PA plugins, applications and online services all year round - and keep your favorites forever! You will never miss out on the latest plugin releases or biggest plugin bargains.


Not ready to go MEGA yet? Try one of our smaller, curated PA Bundles!

Essential Bundle 

  • $10/mo with a $99.99 cashback voucher
  • 40+ Plugins & 40 Modular Effects, and growing over time!
  • TMT Consoles, EQs, Dynamics, Mastering, Amps, Synths, Effects, Drum Replacement & Samples
  • 16 Top Brands incl. SSL, AMPEG, Brainworx, Shadow Hills and more

Mix & Master Bundle

  • $14.99/mo with a $199.99 cashback voucher
  • 112 plugins for mixing and mastering
  • Solid State Logic (SSL), Focusrite, Brainworx, Shadow Hills, Mäag, SPL, Unfiltered Audio, and many more
  • TMT Consoles, EQs, Dynamics, Mastering, Mix Effects, Drum Replacement and Samples

Musician Bundle

  • $10/mo with a $149.99 cashback voucher
  • All our Synths, Guitar & Bass Amps and Stomp-Boxes, and some Reverbs, Delays, Vocal Effects, and more
  • Plus Gig Performer 4 and the original Focusrite TMT Console!
  • 14 Top Brands incl. AMPEG, DIEZEL, ENGL, DS Audio, Focusrite, Unfiltered Audio, Brainworx and more.


Why we believe in bundles and going MEGA
We constantly strive to bring you new plugins, updates, audio applications and online services of the highest quality. MEGA and our other bundles, make world class audio software affordable and accessible to more musicians and creatives. Bundles empower you to try and buy the plugins you love. This gives you direct influence on the next plugins and services we develop. Annual MEGA Memberships also give Plugin Alliance the safety and freedom to develop even more new musical innovations for you we believe this is a true Win / Win!

Thanks again for all your support and passion for our plugins and services. And whatever you decide, we are happy to have you in the Alliance!