Names like Missy Elliot, Ludacris, and Lil´Jon on the client list indicate Glenn Schick, the self-proclaimed “Digital Nomad”, is a driving force not only for many subwoofers but for a whole genre.

With a career spanning over a quarter of a century, filled with Multi-Platinum & Gold, Grammy Awards, and Billboard #1 albums, his work can be considered one reason, why modern Hip-Hop sounds the way it sounds today.

Glenn has provided us with a set of AMEK EQ 200 presets for you to download and use as a starting point for your own mastering works.

Learn more in this video interview with Glenn Schick and Justin Coletti, as they take a closer look at the AMEK EQ 200, discussing the history of its predecessor, the user-interface, and talking about Glenn´s favorite features on the very first in a series of new plugins under the iconic AMEK brand, which has just joined the Alliance.



Listen to the AMEK EQ 200 sound examples below:


Glenn Schick AMEK EQ 200 Presets

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