Customer Reviews

  • ★★★★★
    by Jon Neves
    I'm seriously impressed by this plugin. I've been purchasing hardware emulations for a long time now, but I honestly can't remember the last time I felt this pleased with the sound that was coming out of my speakers. Just by inserting it in your chain you will suddenly hear a 2D to 3D 'conversion'. When you start messing about with the channels you will start hearing what it's truly capable of achieving and how much work has gone into designing it - I love the matches touch guys, if you've ever used any analogue gear in the past you will certainly get the joke! I'm a sucker for anything Neve-like, and I've been waiting to come across something like this for a very very very long time! Great Eq/Compression section, btw! It's certainly worth every penny.
  • ★★★★★
    Amazing channel strip / EQ
    by cowmaster39
    Wow. This is one hell of a channel strip. The EQ alone is worth the price of admission. Very musical sounding and capable of accomplishing the majority of your EQ needs.
    The compressor is very utilitarian. Nothing too special, but I am a fan of the mix and 2nd release time options.
    The gate and expander are highly tuneable and work well.
    The TMT technology is awesome. Flipping through the channels, you can hear the audible difference between each one. I use this on every track, and randomly assign each one a different channel number. Some people meticulously go through each channel to find the one that works best for each track, but I think that's unnecessary. I haven't found one that sounds "bad" or "off" to me. It's pretty subtle variations of the same general sound, but when you put all those tracks together it really does make your whole session sound more analog and alive. A lot of the clips on the product page are over-exaggerated and really do this plugin a disservice. If you build your mixes starting with this channel strip instead of adding it as an afterthought, you'll achieve much better results than what the clips demonstrate. It also works great on the master bus.
    I love that the channel noise is controllable. Sometimes, it's nice to have that noise in there, but if you're compressing heavily after the channel strip, it can get in the way. Being able to control the exact amount of noise is a great feature.
    You can get creative with it too. I like to put this on a reverb bus before the reverb plugin and crank the noise up a little bit. It can really make a room style reverb sound more authentic and imperfect by adding in a little background hiss (like you might get from a HVAC system running in a house). You can even automate the level for a little bit more authenticity :)
    Send a pristine acoustic guitar and a vocal through that, and you've got that intimate and imperfect "single condenser in a bedroom" type sound.
    Fantastic channel strip. Lots of uses. Kick-ass EQ section.
  • ★★★★★
    Best PA plugin
    by Poshook
    Definitely the best PA plugin to date. EQ section together with TMT feature makes this plugin sounding incredible on everything. I wish I could have preset management as a direct part of the plugin (similar to Waves or IKM). Big Thank you PA
  • ★★★★★
    bx console
    by Ones & Zeros
    As a former UAD addict, it has taken me until now to find a replacement for the 88RS. I didn't demo bx console, as I knew it would be good, but it turns out that it's far superior to the UAD plugin. The EQ is possibly the best EQ i've heard in plugin form, the compressor is fantastic on everything. The HP/LP filters, gate... it's just a very tight, detailed, exciting and WARM Neve sound :)
    The selectable channel option is a very useful feature to have, though seemingly subtle, flicking through them can reveal some quite varied tones. Even simply loading an instance of bx console onto a channel is enough to provide some separation and a lovely warm analog-esqe sound.
    One thing also worth noting is that the CPU hit is very minimal, I have loaded 5 or 6 of them into my live set so far, with an apparent total tax of about 3%!!, on a 2.7gHz Macbook, in Live 9.7. at 24/48 at 512 samples.
    What's not to love!!?
    I've actually never been so excited about a plugin :P
    Thank you so much Brainworx and Plugin Alliance!
    Now do an EMT140 please :D
    Ones & Zeros
  • ★★★★★
    Digital joy
    by Alex Hepting
    Hunting audio trough a console gives you a smile. Sounds can be tweaked and gated an this with almost any pumping. Say good bye to pop and hiss sound. Or just use the plain sound as a complementary effect. Bx console combines best channel mixing technology in one single strip. It brings for example kickdrums to front and taking away unpleasant things one normally expect if staging the source in the face.
    In short this plugin brings low end to the top in a nice way
    It has dynamic effects which get rid of digital pumping, pop and harshness and giving a charecteristic depth to the sound, which is important for a cohesive sound in the mix. After this tool your mix will sound by the way far more professional.
  • ★★★★★
    by Jimmy Wilkerson
    When it comes to channel separation, nothing on the market beats Console. There is nothing to compare it to. All of the usual channel strip suspects are present: equalizer, compressor, and filters along with modeled analogue noise. The versatility to place the eq before or after the compressor along with the V Gain setting make this an extremely useful apparatus to have in your toolbox. Add to this the separate individually modeled channels and you've got one seriously powerful plugin. Thank you very much. Console gets a lot of use in my compositions.
  • ★★★★★
    by Reluctant at first
    You think there won't be enough of a difference between this Neve model and the one you bought from UA, or the SSL 4000 channel strip from UA or Waves for you to notice the difference, but it was on sale one day, so I bought it. I was wrong. I haven't used any other channel strip since. It goes on every track and makes some kind of magic happen. Deeper, like you can walk between the notes and make adjustments to the back sides. Wishing I could afford the real thing, but then I'd need more insurance. The EQ and dynamics are superb. Anybody want to buy $10k worth of plugs I'll never use again?
  • ★★★★★
    by hitmixstudio
    amazing sound, like a real console.
  • ★★★★★
    by Resound
    The best channel strip plugin out there that I have tried (and they are many). When you start working with it in real situations you realise it sounds and behaves like a living, breathing thing. It is one of those rare plugins that always seem to make things sound better - sometimes in unexpected ways too (don't be afraid to push it).
  • ★★★★★
    A must have!!
    by Eddy
    I normally don't write reviews, but this plugin is so good that I need to write a review.
    I will not compare this p/i to any other p/i on the market. Every company makes good p/i. But if you have to choose to buy only one p/i, this is the one! I have mixed a song using this p/i. Let me tell you, this is my very best experience using a "channel p/i". It sounds so good, warm ("analog"), the presets are very good starting point and it really feels if your are mixing on a console. Please do you self and your songs a favor and buy this p/i. You will NEVER regret it!
    And as David Pensado says it ITL # 154, if you see the name Brainworx (plugin-alliance), just buy it. And I say Amen to this quote. I have a lot of p/i of this company. I just buy, and do not even tried the p/i's anymore!
    Thank you very much Brainworx / plugin-alliance!