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  • ★★★★★
    The most fun you can have with your clothes on!
    by Neil Wilkes
    I first saw this one via an email bulletin (although for the life of me I do not remember who from) and although at first I was thinking "I already have the UAD 88RS so why do I need this" but by the time I had finished reading about the TMT feature I knew this was one tool I just had to buy as if it did even half of what was claimed it would be $200 seriously well invested.
    To cut this down to manageable lengths, 3 mixes later I was utterly hooked - yes, the UAD 88RS is indeed mighty, but this is even mightier in oh, so many ways. Not only is it a superb model of the Neve VXS console in the BX studio, it can also be set up to be a superb model of the 88RS as well as almost any point between the 2 and even beyond these. This thing is so flexible it makes an elastic band seem rigid by comparison.
    To begin with, let's talk about TMT - Tolerance Modelling Technology. What this does in essence is to capture the minute differences between channels on a real analogue board. This is very difficult to try & explain in such a short space but essentially we all know that no 2 channels on an old board sound quite the same and TMT actually captures this by generating 72 slightly different sets of component tolerance. "What's component tolerance" I hear you ask. This is the specified allowable variation in discrete electronics and it varies from as little as 1% to as much as 20% depending on the actual components and the designer's specified tolerance. As an easy example imagine a resistor set to 1,000 Ohm. This might have a tolerance of +/- 20% on a cheap device which in reality means the resistor is applying somewhere between 800 Ohm and 1,200 ohm of resistance at extreme tolerance as opposed to the 1,000 ohm you would expect. On more expensive devices this might be as low as 1%, meaning the actual value applied varies between 990 Ohm and 1,100 ohm. That is a lot less variance which means you get a much more consistent output from the component and therefore a much more predictable sounding device. What BX have done is modelled this and it works so well it's almost like magic (well, Arthur C Clarke's definition of it, anyway). This is internally consistent, so the channel you save on Mix 1 will have the same TMT characteristic in Mix 2, 3 - any mix at all! This really is digital voodoo and it is a total game changer for me in every sense of a very over used expression. I can now dial up this strip, load the saved channel & know it will be identical to the last time I ran it on these settings - I could write an entire article just on this alone.....that is how impressive it is.
    Moving along though, the compressor is a work of art in this strip because BX have added some stuff not found on the regular console. First up is a mix control so we can use the compressor in parallel. I don't really need to go into details about how useful this is so we will move to the secondary release control, based on a fixed value in the console that BX have now made variable. To quote the manual as it is worded beautifully:
    A secondary release allows for an additional time constant to affect the rate at which the compressor releases attenuation. The second release applies to a second, lower threshold that is based on the original threshold set by the user. This slows down the release
    of quieter signals in order to maintain dynamic range reduction. It can be useful when dealing with content that is erratic in nature and possibly riddled with silent parts. When the compressor is re-triggered after silence, this second release parameter will
    reduce unwanted pumping when the circuit clamps down again.
    This deceptively subtle adjustment is no stranger to the original console, however, its range of motion is. The originally modeled VXS detects signals to release at 40 dB below the set threshold. The plugin allows this range to be set between 10 dB and 60 dB.
    What this means is that the plugin can be set to mimic the VXS, the 88RS and anywhere in between or at either extreme and it makes a subtle but very noticeable difference. Awesome. They have also added an internal HPF variable from 10Hz to 2000Hz so we can eliminate compression on the lower end if we choose to. It is hard to explain how useful this is so I urge you to try it at all extremes to get the hang of it.
    The gate is very usable indeed - adjustable hysteresis, an expansion mode and much more makes the "snatchy" feel that some console gates have simply go away.
    The superb EQ is spot on Neve all the way, plus it can be pre, post or even internally sidechained to the dynamics (and the VST3 version can be externally sidechained too) and when used in conjunction with the HPF/LPF options makes for all the EQ you should ever need.
    I could go on for much longer but I am running out of characters - please, I beg you, give this a try. Your clients will thank you.
  • ★★★★★
    awesome sound.
    by konfront
    after reading a couple of reviews and attending a few spats on GS i downloaded the demo and remixed a few of songs with it. finished three songs in two days (pretty quick for my standards) and was converted from a channelstrip agnostic to a believer. the final proof is always always always the sound and the bx_console sound justified its inclusion in my arsenal from the moment i strapped it on every track on the mix. i tried the TMT and using a different channel number per track and i really liked it: warm, wide, serious.
    on my late 2012 iMac i5 there wasn't the slightest bump with it being on all 46 tracks of my mix.
    took me a while to get the workflow since i have seldom worked on a board but when i got it i was off to the races.
    congratulations to the bx team for a truly musical instrument!
  • ★★★★★
    BX_Console Rocks
    by Anthony Erwin
    Hands down one of the best Neve models out there. Being able to use TMT allows for a unique sound across your entire mix. A modern classic, and an essential for any ITB mixer.
  • ★★★★★
    Brainworx bx_Console
    by MKL
    Congratulations Brainworx!
    Bx_console is one of the best Console Emulations out there. Its analog sweetness is second to none as its compressor sounds lovable thanks to the integrity of its transparency.
    What a fantastic piece of software!
  • ★★★★★
    by s.hurst
    i tried this title out about three months ago, i couldn't afford it at the time, i raved about it all over the net, it went on sale, and behold the clouds parted! and the angels sang! is by far the best modeled console i've ever used, because it's a "console"! the dynamics section alone is worth the money, unlike "all other" modeled channel strip/consoles it doesn't simply warm up/muddy your source it gives you unmatched control and add magic to you source, i have them all "slate's virtual console collection," (both versions) and "waves" API system, while these are very nice, the BX Console is far superior and not a processor hog! you can stripe this thing across you entire mix, use the presets where needed for starting points and be completely blown away! each channel has a slightly different character i could go on and on but i'll close with this..just buy it! you won't be sorry
  • ★★★★★
    The best plugin I've ever tried!
    by gabriel c media
    Ever since I tried out u-he Satin, I've left my purely digital mixing philosophy behind and embraced the non-linear wonders of mixing analog. A console is the first step and heart of the workflow, so It became my mission to find the best one. What brainworx has done is amazing. Usually, I adore U-he, Lexicon, Eventide, Soundtoys and over companies for there amazing analog realism. Bx_console is an unbelievable feat because I've usually never seen this company to be THIS good, but this one plugin blows away everything else they've ever done and every other channel strip on the market. The EQ alone is the best I've ever used. It "sounds" transparent, but not like Voxengo GlissEQ. It sounds 'shimmery" and unique. The compressor is clean and works great, but you'll often want to use another compressor instead, like Presswerk. Unfortunately, this plugin doesn't model the input preamp like UAD's API channel strip; however, as of this review, Kush has released Transformer Plugins for a super low price that do the trick and pair wonderfully with this console. Altogether, you have an ITB workflow that's the closest thing to mixing analog yet, and the results are awesome. I absolutely love this console and I feel it's the best plugin I've ever used as a musician. I wouldn't be surprised to see a TMT-equipped SSL emulation in the works, but regardless, this is a new standard for channel strips and I love it!
  • ★★★★★
    Best Console Emulation Ever
    I've been raving about this plugin to all my professional peers. This is the first major console plugin that truly sounds like analog gear to me. The sharp Qs are a marvel. The expander is to die for. The compressor is top notch. I could go on for an hour talking about this plugin.I'm finding that I can do all my heavy lifting with better results than with other leading EQs, gates, expanders, compressors and filters. bx_console considerably outperforms the UAD 88RS in mix scenarios (although their Unison-mode tracking is quite spectacular, so I'm glad to have both). bx_console is now my goto plugin on almost every channel. With rare exception, every new instantiation makes the mix sound richer, fuller, and more natural without even twisting a knob (although twisting is highly recommended). Using different tolerance channels is well worth the effort. I thought Waves made a valiant attempt at this sort of thing with NLS (the EMI TG12345 Mk IV emulation was my favorite), but frankly bx_console has a healthier frequency response in the 1-40Hz range and leaves other emulations in the dust for analog realism.I'm not the sort of engineer that blindly buys everything from a brand. My favorite plugins span many different brands. Like real analog gear, I think some plugins are very special and tower over the competition. At Plugin Alliance, bx_console and the Elysia plugins do it for me. You'd better download and demo bx_console and hear it for yourself across a mix. Don't forget to test drive every part of the plugin. It is worth $1000 in my opinion and would be if it were split up with each section sold separately. For anyone mixing or mastering in the box, this plugin ought to be a no-brainer. I cannot live without it at this point.
  • ★★★★★
    BX Console
    by Glenn Bucci
    This is a wonderful Neve console emulation. There are several things about this plug in that makes it stand above many other emulations by other company's. 1. The blend control on the compressor makes the compressor a lot more flexible. 2. Choosing the many different channels allows you to get some slight differences with the way it sounds. When you make each track have a different channel with the BX console plug in, there is a wide stereo spread that sounds amazing. 3. The EQ is very smooth, clear and very open sounding. 4. Uses little CPU which allows you to use this plugin on multiple tracks, and I multiple....over 30 channels. 5. Gate is much better than what is included with many DAW's. Great for removing amp noises, help vocal tracks background noises be silent very effectively.5. Large plug in on the screen makes it easy to work with. It also provides a digital number as you turn the knobs you know exactly how much your cutting or boosting.I use multiple BX Console plug ins on every session.
  • ★★★★★
    There is an R in Never
    by mstutchbury
    Wow. I've used and abused many VR's in my time, and have been looking for a believable Neve emulation for "in the box" mixing.Aside from mixing, this is beautiful to track with. This has really opened my eyes and realise that my computer is my new favourite console.I would recommend anyone to try this, especially anyone that has the pleasure of Neve experience. You will be won over.Highly thinking about ditching my other channel/EQ/dynamics plugins.This does have the Neve sound, which is brilliant. But also it has the large console feel about working with it. Brainworx have done a sterling job. Well done.
  • ★★★★★
    by Kvalsonic
    Overall, this is a great plugin. I use it a lot. CPU demanding, but that is not strange considering what this plugin contains. My only complaint is the gate; not good enough. Does not work well with fast attack times, e.g. kick drums.