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  • ★★★★★
    Best Console Emulation Ever
    I've been raving about this plugin to all my professional peers. This is the first major console plugin that truly sounds like analog gear to me. The sharp Qs are a marvel. The expander is to die for. The compressor is top notch. I could go on for an hour talking about this plugin.I'm finding that I can do all my heavy lifting with better results than with other leading EQs, gates, expanders, compressors and filters. bx_console considerably outperforms the UAD 88RS in mix scenarios (although their Unison-mode tracking is quite spectacular, so I'm glad to have both). bx_console is now my goto plugin on almost every channel. With rare exception, every new instantiation makes the mix sound richer, fuller, and more natural without even twisting a knob (although twisting is highly recommended). Using different tolerance channels is well worth the effort. I thought Waves made a valiant attempt at this sort of thing with NLS (the EMI TG12345 Mk IV emulation was my favorite), but frankly bx_console has a healthier frequency response in the 1-40Hz range and leaves other emulations in the dust for analog realism.I'm not the sort of engineer that blindly buys everything from a brand. My favorite plugins span many different brands. Like real analog gear, I think some plugins are very special and tower over the competition. At Plugin Alliance, bx_console and the Elysia plugins do it for me. You'd better download and demo bx_console and hear it for yourself across a mix. Don't forget to test drive every part of the plugin. It is worth $1000 in my opinion and would be if it were split up with each section sold separately. For anyone mixing or mastering in the box, this plugin ought to be a no-brainer. I cannot live without it at this point.
  • ★★★★★
    BX Console
    by Glenn Bucci
    This is a wonderful Neve console emulation. There are several things about this plug in that makes it stand above many other emulations by other company's. 1. The blend control on the compressor makes the compressor a lot more flexible. 2. Choosing the many different channels allows you to get some slight differences with the way it sounds. When you make each track have a different channel with the BX console plug in, there is a wide stereo spread that sounds amazing. 3. The EQ is very smooth, clear and very open sounding. 4. Uses little CPU which allows you to use this plugin on multiple tracks, and I multiple....over 30 channels. 5. Gate is much better than what is included with many DAW's. Great for removing amp noises, help vocal tracks background noises be silent very effectively.5. Large plug in on the screen makes it easy to work with. It also provides a digital number as you turn the knobs you know exactly how much your cutting or boosting.I use multiple BX Console plug ins on every session.
  • ★★★★★
    There is an R in Never
    by mstutchbury
    Wow. I've used and abused many VR's in my time, and have been looking for a believable Neve emulation for "in the box" mixing.Aside from mixing, this is beautiful to track with. This has really opened my eyes and realise that my computer is my new favourite console.I would recommend anyone to try this, especially anyone that has the pleasure of Neve experience. You will be won over.Highly thinking about ditching my other channel/EQ/dynamics plugins.This does have the Neve sound, which is brilliant. But also it has the large console feel about working with it. Brainworx have done a sterling job. Well done.
  • ★★★★★
    by Kvalsonic
    Overall, this is a great plugin. I use it a lot. CPU demanding, but that is not strange considering what this plugin contains. My only complaint is the gate; not good enough. Does not work well with fast attack times, e.g. kick drums.