Customer Reviews

  • Best SSL

    by Andy P
    I had the pleasure of using an SSL console in the late 80’s, so I knew what sound I was looking for, and the Bx_Console E Sounded very accurate to me. I love it. I also compared it to others (Waves etc), and the Bx was clearly the best. It’s a shame that when I went to upgrade to the Bx Console SSL 4000 E for $50 that the website wouldn’t work so I couldn’t make the purchase. It just didn’t move from the cart stage. Shame.
  • bx_Console SSL 4000 E

    by WhyzGuy Studios
    The SSL version was well worth purchasing, especially with the upgrade price for existing owner of the already fabulous bx_console E.
    The updated compressor is much snappier and sounds very pleasing to the ear. Transients were instantly smoothed over, adding a ton of punch and clarity to my drums, bass and vocals, in particular. The compression was very consistent and predictable. My dynamic range was increased as a result. Using the bx_SSL 4000 makes my compression duties a breeze.
    The EQ section was vastly improved, which I wouldn't have thought was even possible until I heard the upgrades. The high end is very silky and smooth while the lows are thick, warm and inviting. There was no honkiness in the mid-section. In fact, they were extremely crisp and gave my vocals a presence I couldn't find with any of my other Channel Strips.
    The gate remains amazing, possibly a bit more reactive. And the new THD All upgrade is priceless.
    I LOVE the new bx_console SSL 4000 E
  • BX Console E

    by JJ
    Love this plugin. I have worked on the console this is emulating. Great job.
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  • Amazin

    by Bx console SSL 400 G
    I use it on my classical guitars great eq to hear how it really sounds check my site
  • SSL E

    by Gil
    This plugin , by far, exemplifies the sophistication, exceptional talent, and dedication to superior products by the people at Plugin Alliance/Brainworx, and the reason why I can ALWAYS depend on them to help me produce professional quality products of my own. Thanks once again.
  • bx_console E

    by rimoramuz
    Very great and organic sound, i used to mix a Flamenco Jazz Album recorded at 96K 24bit, and the quality that the bx_console E add to my mix is amazing, the nylon string guitar very clear and the details of the player just came up to front, percussions sound vibrant and dynamics, the vocals right in your face with out compromising dynamics, the fact that have 72 channels emulated makes a difference, congrats Brainworks greta Job!!!
  • Brainworx bx_console SSL 4000 E

    by Avatar Studio
    Brainworx bx_console SSL 4000 E, Best real sounding without a doubt. This is all we need. The revised EQ ( you can switch between Black and Brown EQ's) and compressor sections are fantastic, HPF and LPF, Compressor with Mix , Gate, TMT channel modelling,....GUI is fantastic too. Definitely worthy of the SSL name. Congrats to Brainworx.
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    Thanks so much!
  • Yeah... it's really THAT GOOD!!

    by levihoward
    ...not that I was completely skeptical. But, why would this be any different than any other channel strip/ SSL emulation? The TMT feature intrigued me, in theory. I just completed my first mix using the E-channel... AMAZING! I won't bore you with all the "warmth" and "width" taglines, but it's all that and more. The TMT alone is fantastic, but the compressor is killer (LOVE having the G desk option), the drive knob is a wonderful feature, and the eq is what you would expect (I love E series SSLs, and having the brown AND black options are killer!). Yeah, this is a go-to for me. Quite thrilled with the results. Beyond expectations!
  • Indispensable

    by Philip
    Llevo ya meses usando este plugin y desde el primero momento le da carácter a los instrumentos y a la mezcla, si quiero un bombo con pegada o cajas que destaquen console E me da esa facilidad.
    El único pero que le puedo encontrar a este plugins es que la suma análoga (ruido que emula a una original) al no tener un gate especifico para esto, te ensucia la mezcla si no tienes cuidado, creó que una opción automática al momento de no estar sonando la pista sería un plus.
    Se a vuelto una de las primeras herramientas que uso aunque sea para que le de esa apertura en la imagen estéreo.
  • Amazing

    by Firas
    Mindblown. The TMT really does work ! I found myself switching channels like I would on a real console to find which made the current track pop out or get a "lift", or just made it sound a tiny bit sweeter. I can finally say good bye to some older console emus.