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  • ★★★★★
    More than Rock`n Roll
    by Botas Mono
    The British Console is called the Rock`n Roll console. To be honest the bx_console E is more than that. After testing this amazing plug in, i have to say that i used it on my Jazz- and Latintracks and it worked perfect. Very transparent, punchy and easy to use. Great filters, super compressor, very strong eq. I worked with most of the ssl emulations, the bx_ console E is the best i have ever heard. Thanks to bx for this great emulation. Good job guys.
  • ★★★★★
    bx_console E
    by Martin Ek
    The brown equalizer and G compressor is really beautiful, wide and very flattering sounding. Perfect for tonal adjustments on well recorded sources. The ALL button for the TMT is a remedy. This is the only EQ and dynamic processor I use on tracks. The TMT is just ... real and alive, you have to hear it to feel the change.
  • ★★★★★
    Bx_E Chanel - wowee!
    by Capitalk
    Let me preface by saying, I have never written a review about anything before.
    Not out of anger, not out of joy. I've just never been compelled to do so.
    I have been down a rabbit hole since moving from an SSL console to ITB. There are so many great tools that I spent way too much time analysing individual elements and the end result was alway a mix that fell apart.
    I was looking at other "name brand" plugins to get me out of the rut, but what I wanted is always part of a bundle and rather expensive.
    I downloaded some Demo's and was "plugin a is ok at this, B for that, C sucks"...
    Enter the bx_E Chanel.
    I took a mix I was working on, had approx 7 hours on it, it was ok, fairly balanced, a little flat... not something I'd happily hand over as a finished mix.
    Saved it, stripped the channels of all processing and loaded up bx_E on the mix.
    "Yeah, there's a little mojo, a little pop and sizzle in the right places"
    2 hours later, printed a static mix that was far superior and good enough to share and be proud of (which is rare for me, I get nervous about showing unfinished work)
    The mix I got stood up against the reference mix (one of my current favourite productions) really well
    I had a few other (freeware) comps and limiters on the 2bus, gently doing their thing, a couple different flavours of comps on some individual tracks, but very little in the way of corrective EQ, transient designers and other "sound designing" fx to try to get things to pop and snap like they should.
    Example: I had 6 processors on the bass track in the original mix, with the bx I had 2.
    Bx_E sounds great, but this thing gave me the biggest thrill I've had in a long time and allowed me to "balance" instead of "correct".
    The THD adjustment is great, i know saturation is very "trendy" but this does it better than most. Gives the "hair" and "meat" without getting splatty and falling apart.
    I even flicked through some different channels and found some really helped the track sit correctly. So it was genuinely useful (though very subtle).
    E/G comp is really good, nice variation between them, as is the black/brown EQ (although in this mix I heavily favoured the black).
    I won't go on about features, it's very comprehensive, and the additions to the original HW design are great.
    GUI is good, all works as it should, feels familiar.
    No plugin is a magic bullet,
    This tool is exceptional however.
    Would I have achieved the same mix without it?
    Maybe, but not until I've spent another 2-3 hours in purgatory trying to solve for "problems" that i had "tools to fix"
    So after one very quick mix, I committed to the purchase.
    I can't imagine living without it....
    If your ITB full time, but came up on boards, this will get you into the comfort zone for work flow.
    If you've always been ITB, and you have a thousand plugins, it may be time to purge (again....)
    I have no reservations about this product.
    It's truly great!
    Thank you brainworx/plugin alliance, you've made my year!
  • ★★★★★
    Blown Away
    by The Vision Sound
    My start was on a on a SSL 9000J and a Neve VR Legacy more then 10 years ago. The two emulations of the Brainworx Channel Strips takes me back. Im mostly all in the box now a days and found the struggle like most of us do to make a plug in emulation have a feel to it and when this came along and heard it I new that struggle was over. I strap this plugin across basically every channel and Protools starts to sound and feel like a console.
    With the THD and TMT, Punch and Depth shines through and through. All the features in this plug in are useful on everything. It is my new GO TO plug in for sure besides the blackbox another beautiful sounding plug in by Brainworx. This is a step up from so many of the other emulations. I own both slate and waves emulations and they just don't compete. Its a must buy!
  • ★★★★★
    by Incredible
    I have the Waves SSL and SSL UAD emulations, sincerely the BX console And this a lot in front of the other emulations. Congratulations Brainworx, thank you !!
  • ★★★★★
    by eve
    This Channel Strip Plugin is just amazing. I put it on every single track of a recorded Roland 909 drum set and it instantly sounded so much better. The Expander is doing a great job here even in it's preset setting. The GUI is perfect for some quick EQ adjustments. It is really easy to clean up the frequencies real quick and have a much better sounding mix.
  • ★★★★★
    Console E SSL
    by Sinclair
    I got the Console E demo a couple of days ago, there must be some voodoo going on under the hood here as it didn't take me long to decide. Beautiful sound on every section, compared to other SSL emulations I have - this one is far superior to the rest! I now have a few redundant SSL emulations in my plugin folder because of this one. Top class!
  • ★★★★★
    by James Flamestar
    After much uhm'ing and ah'ing, I picked this up at the introductory price - and I am so glad I did. Even at full price, this plugin is a steal ($300 - yes, a steal even at this price) and so. damn. good. The sound and workflow are blowing me away - so much so that I felt it necessary to write a 5 star review about it to spread the good word. Note: I am a hobbyist, so perhaps take this with a hobbyist grain of salt.
    I've been on a bit of a search for the perfect console strip/channel plugin for a little while - I have used Sonimus Satson, Britson, Stripbus from SKnote, and the UA 1073 and 610-B (I'm aware that many of these are just channel plugins and hence different in nature from console E). For price, functionality, and CPU hit - bx_console E is the one for me.
    I gave this a test run today on a project ready to mix. In a very short time I had a workable result I was very happy with - I was skipping over other mixing plugs I would normally reach for and breezing through with console E alone.
    It makes things sound better. It 'just works'. It's light on CPU (I can only assume magic is at play). It's simple to dial in and the heft of extra features and added functionality is something I have yet to play with (manual is important here - I love when plugins add modern digital features and extras into recreations of real world gear).
    It's a little hard to write an encompassing review here due to the sheer amount of features - but if there's one takeaway here, get this plugin! If you are after a console sound ITB, if you are after an improved workflow for mixing, all without the CPU hit of Nebula or hefty UA interface requirement/utilization - this is the console for you.
    Awesome work, Brainworx. You've made a huge fan and very happy customer with this one.
  • ★★★★★
    4K Mojo
    Superior to other 4K models. The enhanced feature set make this the perfect channel strip to throw on all channels. Really captures the vibe of the brown eq. Bonus points for the dynamics section, which is the closest model I've heard (both colours). The random all button is the perfect monkey wrench.
  • ★★★★★
    by Alex Hepting

    I am amazed by the non chattering gate on this emulation even without a hysterisis range it has a smooth almost transparent transition. You are only required to trust your ears. The M/S monitoring is very comfortable. Even if for M/S processing I would switch to bx control and separate audio anyway. Both compressor models sound very vintage and gold. Less likely pumping but for this matter is the second release stage. The GUI feels huge and invitable for tweaks. Making deep low cuts or some thin high cuts is a matter of seconds. THD is a nice feature even there are variety of outboard amps available - but somehow it should not be missed on a British console.