Customer Reviews

  • Console E

    by The Brain Studios
    Great Plugin, Absolute must have!
  • Bx_console E

    by Aaron H
    My friend had been bugging me to try this plugin for a while and I’m glad I finally got around to it. Killer sound and intuitive to use. Thd knob is great, eq does what I want it to do and it’s the first time I’ve really dug the fast attack mode on a ssl ch compressor.
  • bx_console E

    by ksavvi
    Slowly becoming one of my favourite plug ins using it almost in every session.Along with his brother bx_console G, they dominating my mixer in every new mix more often and often and often.....
  • Console E

    by styxxs2004
    All of the Brainworx console emmulations are exceptional. This is not exception and it packs many features not found in other emmulations. The price is right and the sound is better!!
  • bx_console plugins

    by StevenK
    The first one was the console N. It took some time, but it was an eye opener. I like channel strip plugins, because they give you a set of tools that are meant to be used together. Another great element I first saw at the Waves EMI TG12345 is the console emulation with slight differences in between both channels of a stereo pair. This makes the sound richer, brings more life to it, esp. if you use it on the right material. But - it was quite expensive in respect of CPU. The console N comes without this burden and it shines on *every instrument*. It took me some time to understand this versatility. The SSL bx_console channel strips are the same in this respect - and they are different. All three channels offer a "holistic" experience with an improved and intuitive workflow leading to a slightly different sounding mix. With all three console plugins the possibilities are endless... But wait... dear folks at Brainworx, isn't there another Neve board out there, or an API, or...
  • Love the E

    by Dan D’Ascenzo | Leftright Audio
    Big fan of PA since day 1, even at the time of BW only.
    I’m also a big fan of the SSL sound and I own all 3 versions. I used to use the one on UAD but since now, the E is on every channels for my mixing jobs and also productions.
    The sound is so incredibly nice, and to me the closest to the original hardware.
    Not to mention the 2 others for which i also could make a review as i love them too. I just have a particular love for the sound of the E. But the N and the G are amazing too.
    Love to juggle with all 3 on several audio materials.
    And the TMT random is just yummy!
    Thanks to the whole team for the amazing products.
    Dan D’Ascenzo
    Creative Mastering and Mixing Engineer.
    Owner at Leftright Audio
  • Console E

    by Charles
    This thing is awesome. Enough said!
  • Bx Console E WOW...

    by Goldenchild / WM
    I don't write a lot of reviews but this one I had to. This has to be the best plugin I've used my new GoTo. 1st thing that I've noticed is the amount of depth that I got from my tracks, 2nd the punch that you get is incredible trust me. The EQ section is Ace, the Dynamic section Ace compression is so smooth 6db - 8db still smooth. Little tip insert plugin on all your tracks don't even think twice, and randomize all. CPU hit is minimal, best part of it is I'm using 80 percent less plugins after using Bx Console E. Plugin Alliance what can I say A+++ keep up the Great work, to me you guy's are legendary after this plug. If you reading this review waste no time buy this plugin, you won't regret it.
  • Console E and G review

    by Will
    I just purchased both E and G console plugins and must say they sound amazing compared the other ssl plugins I've used. One major complaint would be the the copy and paste feature / saved settings / over lapping plugin feature. You can't go between the 2 plugins saved setting or swap them out on the fly like the waves version. The copy and paste function doesn't work between the plugins either. Waves will let you bounce either version on top of the other keeping the settings which is extremely useful for auditioning versions on the fly. Setting up a channel strip can be rather time consuming across a full mix. This is a much needed feature. For this it gets 3 stars on missing such a major oversight in speed flexibility and workflow.
  • BX console E

    by ALEX M
    Plugged it in on a mix I was doing and started to adjust away. I thought the mix was good before and when I a/b'd the two mixes I was blown away by how lifeless the mix became when I disabled the Console E plug. This thing is just magic. Ill never mix without it ever again.