Customer Reviews

  • Amazing work

    by Raging Heretic
    I'm not going to lie, the bx_console E is just f***ing amazing. Seriously. I dropped and instance across every track (including auxes) in a recent mix I was working on and randomized all channels. Without doing any processing using EQ or compression or anything, the entire thing just opened up. Just exceptional. This really is like having a 72-channel SSL in your DAW. No joke.
  • BX console E

    by Vocal Addiction Music
    Tried the demo used it for two weeks & after it was up I couldn't go back to mixing without it! It is everything they say it is. It's what I've needed to move up the mixing engineer chain. The major element here is that each channel is its own & it's the slight difference in phase correlation that make it so true to analog. I'm also amazed that u can open 72 channels & not blow up your computer smh how ?!
  • My New "Go-to"

    by Mader
    The bx_console E is a phenominal workhorse channel strip, eq, compression and saturation tool and has become my absolute favourite for everything from individual tracks to buses and even on the mix bus!
  • Just fantastic

    by WTCook
    This is the first plugin I've used that has me forgetting I own UAD plugs. Insanely musical eq, and the compressor has the "grab" that the Softube Console 1 4K does not. Quite content using only this for eq and compression duties across all indictable tracks.
  • bx Console E

    by Eric
    it's the first line of product that make me feel like I'm on a desk.
    I love the black eq on the 2 buss
  • Michal Janecek

    by recording studio Franz Kavkaz
    super plugin
  • nice

    by EA
    yet another great one
  • Brainworx bx_console E

    by Rashrule
    I love this Brainwork bx_console E! It sounds great on mixes and it's the perfect all in one plugin. You don't have to search for a separate eq, compressor or gate to do the job, everything is there in this great sounding console emulation. The presets are professionally put together and it gives you a top-notch starting point. To sum it all up, I just love it!!!
  • my go-to channel strip

    by Ones & Zeros
    Tight low-end, lovely EQ, and an all-round great sound. I often just use the hi/low-pass filters or the THD. CPU use is vert light, I have it on every channel of my live set. The compressor is pretty smashing too. Great job Brainworx!!!
  • BX Console E = Fantastic!

    by Chris M
    I'm a huge fan of the BX Console VXS as it is awesome in every respect and so when this E version came out I had to try it right away. Just as I thought I would, I fell instantly in love with this E channel strip and soon after bought it. The personality it brings to every instrument is amazing. The choices of the brown and black eq's along with the phenomenal compressor section can take my mixes anywhere from grit clarity to clean and smooth. Crank up the input and the real personality comes out just like the original console. The individual channel modeling is again a winner as it takes what might have been a cookie cutter sound and instead gives each track just enough variance to make it alive. I absolutely LOVE the size of the GUI as I can see every detail of the strip unlike other makers where I would spend more time squinting and guessing than I would tweaking my sound. On this channel strip I think I would prefer colored knob caps like the original instead of the indicator lines but this is not a deal breaker in any sense. This has become my go to channel strip when I want the SSL type sound -which is seemingly all the time since this came out. I would also love to see Brainworx come out with a classic Neve type of channel strip such as from the 8028 or 8068, etc and configure in a little 2254 compressor in each strip to make it complete. Great job on this E console, it is truly an awesome work!