Customer Reviews

  • BX Console E

    by Scott M
    After using the original BX Console for the past few months and being very happy with the sonic results, it was a no-brainer to get the BX Console E on release. Where the BX Console gives my channels girth, the BX Console E gives my drum and bass busses the punch that I was looking for.
    I really like the mix/match approach to the compression/gate sections between E and G series and the ability to switch between EQ modules. The introduction of the random channel selector is a sweet addition, as is the harmonic distortion dial.
  • bx console E

    by marvinq
    this plugin's getting a lot of use.
  • Perfect

    by Brainworx bx_console E
    Excelente Channel strip Emulando a la Lejendaria Consola SSL E . Me encanta su agresividad en su tonalidad de ecualizacion y dinamicas.Good Job Plugin Alliance ..
  • bx_console E

    by bx_console E
    I am not going into technical details here and will go straight to the point, this channel strip sound tremendously musical. Easy to dial the right settings to get the best sound and by this I mean, if you can't get your mixes to sound pristine with this tool I highly suggest you pick another job!
  • Finally!

    by Martin Olsson
    For the first time through my humble career in digital recording and mixing, this plugin felt like working with a real console. You tweak something and it actually makes an impact on the sound, not just changing it. First thing I tried to mix was a bass drum that wasn´t well recorded and I had no problem making the sound big and punchy. I guess the "aggressivness" of the eq is the key, even a small adjustment makes a big difference. Just wonderful. I´ve used SSL emulations before and though they sounded good, they only sounded good as a plugin and always had that plastic feeling to the sound. This one on the other hand just feels right and musical.
    The eq and expander/gate is what I like the most. The compressor sound good but I tend to use other ones for a couple of reasons; first one is tone. I tend to favor compressors that shapes the tonal characteristics than just evening out the dynamics and the SSL comp is more of the later. I use though, but usually I insert one more compressor for the tone shaping.
    The filters work a little weird for me, doesn´t sound like 12 dB/octave to me, more like 3 dB/octave, so don´t use them that much.
    I´ve have not spent that much time listening to how different channels sound, but I use the random function so every track gets it´s own unique channel.
    Conclusion: wonderful plugin, just a pure joy using it in my work.
  • Best Emulation of SSL Channel Strips

    by Renato Patriarca
    Amazing emulation of SSL Channel Strips. Great sound and versatility.
    We have even compared to our SSL G4000+ and it sounds even better than the real thing.
  • Console E

    by Impulse
    Sickest all-around plugin, i've ever seen. It adds so much more room to your mix. Really impressive, powerful and transparent plugin.
  • BX Console E

    by ToK
    Several emulations of this famous board have been available for quite some time, including one from the original manufacturer SSL. The BX model offers several excellent features not available on any other releases: Compression Mix (Parallel Blending), Switching between the E & G type Compressors, Overdriving the Channel (Hot-Rodding) and determining the noise-floor. Add to the the TMT aspects and this is by far the most attractive release of an SSL channel strip available.
    Thanx BX - Love it!
  • bx_console E

    by Marcin
    This plugin makes mixing ITB as fun, spontaneous, fast and exciting as mixing on a console. Sound is just massive. I couldn't believe how PUNCHY my mix was and how little time I needed to achieve this. Unbelievably good. Thank you bx!
  • Console E review

    by Console E review
    My initial impressions of the BX_Consloe E plugin .... I find it warm and musical sounding. I used it on every channel of a recent Hip Hop track as the first plugin, to see how it would affect the sound. I used the 'male vocal' preset on the talent's lead vocal, and with minor adjustments was very impressed with the result. It's a simple track, produced and mastered in only 5 hours, but it sounds great. He raps Shakespearean Sonnets! You can hear the mix on YouTube:
    Brock Fricker - Brock Sound Productions - Toronto