Customer Reviews

  • I love this channel strip!

    by DJ Pezz
    This is probably hands down the best plugin I ever bought. This makes ITB mixes a practical reality verses using an actual ssl. Game changer!
  • Am ready for that desert island

    by Dio Jade
    Holy plugin!!! This sonic stick of dynamite makes everything sound SSL like (obviously), but the width and musicality are indescribable! And I have 72 distinctive SSL channels to choose from with EACH instantiation! I CAN afford a $2,500 a day board after all!!!!
  • very good and easy for use

    by sung a
    vary nice sound and easy for use
    i think this plug ins better then other
  • My new desert island plugin

    by Pluvi0
    This plugin is MAGIC. It just gives every mix that extra umph. When its disabled, theres such a huge part missing. It adds depth, and width and just....MEAT to the music. Great great plugin. Glad i took the plunge before it goes full price. Plugin Alliance is my fave plugin company officially!
  • Amazing SSL desk

    by Edward Selberie
    I have several console emulations from different companies, including the bx console from Brainworx. I have used them all with great success. But there is something very special with the EQ of this plugin. Since owning this plugin, I have removed some plugins in my SSL template in Pro Tools. I try to mix as much as possible as if I am on a real desk. I do reach for other plugins (I do have a lot, almost 90% of the inventory of Plugin-Alliance) if nessesary or if I want a special sound. But most of the "processing (eq / dynamics)" part of mixing can be done with only this plugin. Great on CPU!
    Thanks P/A.
  • Best (SSL) Channelstrip!

    by PC
    Awesome Sound | CPU friendly | Smooth handling
    My favorite (SSL) Channelstrip!
  • bx_Console E

    by Subterranean Howl Studios
    I mix almost 100% in the box so I own a lot of different console emulations from various companies. All of them are great in one way or another, but this one is definitely the best I've come across. To test this plug-in I simply placed it and all of its competitors that I own across an entire mix and started A/Bing them back-and-forth. The bx_Console E was the stand out and it wasn't really close whether speaking in terms of straight up tone, fidelity, or functionality. The only function on a competitor's plugin that I still prefer at this point is the gate on the Waves emulation, which I find easier to dial in, but that may simply be getting used to the bx version as I've owned the Waves version for at least eight years and have used it countless times. There is nothing wrong with the gate on the bx emulation it just takes me longer to dial in at this point. I cannot express how happy I am with the eq and compression on the bx. Being able to switch from vintage to modern eqs and from E to G compressors is a godsend. At first I thought I would want the G compressor on everything but switching between the two on various tracks has changed my mind completely. On the mix Buss the G still rules, but on individual drums, guitars, and many voices I found myself often prefering the E. In the same way I also thought I would always want the vintage eq because I've often found the more modern eqs to sound thin and simply less flattering on most sources. The bx proved me wrong again and I've found myself using the modern eq a lot on drums, bass, and female vocals. Perhaps my favorite part of the plugin is how beautifully the input trim, the compressors, eqs, and THD controls all interact together. This channel can be subtle, but you can also really push it and find a variety of cool sweet spots along the way just as you would on a real console. Most everyone associates these consoles with a punchy, in-your-face feel and the bx_Console E has this in spades. Drums are thunderous and vocals sit up front where you want them to in a radio ready mix. So often in mixing I find myself using the time I would have wanted to use being more creative just trying to make things sound good. The bx_console E speeds up the process by giving you all the tools you need to make a track sound awesome in a single channel strip so you can spend more time on being creative and having fun mixing. I was hesitant to purchase yet ANOTHER console emulation, but I'm so glad I did. Slowly, but surely the bx and other plugin alliance plugins are completely taking over my mixes and masters.
  • bx_console E

    by Dahonkie
    Hey Guys,
    the bx_console E from now on is my go to channel strip because it brings real analog depth and with to your mix and it sounds awesome.
    To me a very important feature is the absence of any graphic display of eq or compression. There is only as much visuals as you need so you can concentrate on mixing with your ears rather than being drawn to the settings you think look good.
  • The Big "E"

    by James Vons
    Placed the Bx-E channel strip on drums trax currently messin' about with, and just with it on, the trax jumped. Love the G compression option as well as the black and brown eq options. TMT adds the final authentic console audio vibe. What can I say, I'm waiting for the "G" ...
  • bx_console E

    by Eli Anderson
    I'm very Happy I Bought this one.
    Great sound and CPU Friendly.
    Didn't expect that.