Customer Reviews

  • ★★★★★
    by Rapha
    I use the console for EDM production on every bus. The TMT does add to the vibe.
    I find the knobs a bit sensitive to my mouse.
    Apart from that the eq and compression ist dope.
    No CPU killer, so well done!!
  • ★★★★★
    BX console G rocks!
    by Robert Messner
    BX console G really rocks on guitars, bass and snare, unbelievable!!
  • ★★★★★
    bx console G
    by Moe Muzik
    What can i say. bx_console (G,E or N) is the first plugin i reach for hands down! The only thing that determines which one i us is, what the session may be or what genre is it's being applied to. I've put the bx_consoles up against "the other console emulations",well, let me put it this way. The other console emulation plugins that was using before, well, i haven't thought about in months. And when i go back and redo mixes and AB against the bx_consoles, the others don't even come close. There simply is no comparison. Awesome product!! The closest Ive come to working on a console without actually working on the console!!
  • ★★★★★
    Console G
    by Chris Clancy
    I absolutely love this plugin and along with Console E it is my go-to channel strip.
    There are so many SSL style channel strips out there these days that it's hard to distinguish the difference between them all. So!,I demoed this plugin and did a blind shootout with Waves SSL Channel G which I've used for what seems like eternity...
    I matched the settings first by number and then realised that the Brainworx plugin was matched to the channel it's modelled on which means it's not technically accurate (frequency-wise). 1k probably isn't exactly 1k, but that's the beauty of analog and part of the magic. Mix with your ears. So I matched them by A/Bing until they sounded the same.
    In a 5 round blind test on one single channel, I picked Brainworx three times and Waves twice. Considering how good I felt the plugin sounded I felt a little surprised that my trusty old waves plugin had held it's own.
    Then I mixed an entire drum kit through both Waves SSL channel G and this plugin. I matched them by ear again and spent a looooong time getting it to a point where I could barely tell the difference in A/B's on individual channels to make it as fair as possible.
    I randomised the channels in Brainworx by hitting the all button.
    Then did a blind test again. The difference was absolutely astounding. The sheer depth of the Brainworx mix was undeniable. Hands down won 5 rounds of a blind shootout.
    While the emulation of the channel strip itself I do feel is a marked improvement upon the Waves one (especially in the top end), it's the modelling of individual channels combined which puts this into a league of it's own.
  • ★★★★★
    Versatile SSL-G
    by StevenK
    After using the console N extensively I felt that the G might be the right choice in order to get a different "vibe". That is true, for sure. Whilst the N gives some kind of "fatness" and rich harmonics to the mix, the G adds a more controlled but beautiful "body" to it. It is great to have two different types of EQ on the G - both very musical. It is quite easy to create desired sounds or to get rid of mud /boxiness. Both compressor models on the G are fine (- at the moment I prefer the "G" compressor). It is great to have the choice between 2 models on the EQ and the compressor (- why not on the Neve console?). I have great fun with both consoles and both are capable of creating a distinct sound, truely "glueing" tracks together (which I never achieved by using a compressor alone).
  • ★★★★★
    bx_Console G
    by Studio14
    I knew right away that when I downloaded the trial it was going to stay in my daw. It was less than an hour that I had made up my mind it was what I was looking for.
  • ★★★★★
    Outstanding Emulation
    by 9Ball
    Usually im sceptic about true emulation and stuff that claim to be that, and if you're not a cat or bat, you cant hear nothing happens. After a month of use, i have to admit that Plugin Alliance did the job (again) with this spectacular Channel Strip Emulation. On large project, with multiple channels/busses, bypassing the whole console really let you hear the difference, made by the new concept of TMT. This is a real step into the Console emulation ITB, and i absolutely suggest every one to give it a go. In addition, simply opening the plugin on a track, immediatly you can feel the small saturation of EQ channel and, again, if you turn it off, a real difference can be audible. Im sold guys!
  • ★★★★★
    SSL G
    by Banga Bill
    Instantly replace my waves SSL g channel. Sweet on drums
  • ★★★★★
    Bx Console G
    by Attacker
    This is without a doubt a very good plugin.
    Thank You. Your TMT is great.
    Please keep up the standard of your great work.
  • ★★★★★
    Console G is lovely !!!!
    by Machine City Audio
    Plugin alliance & brainworx are know for making great plugins ! And the console G is in that sounds great, I love the workflow and how easy it is to achieve a great sound