Customer Reviews

  • BX Console G

    by DC2Light
    This is great. Crank the shelf all the way up. This is the test for any plugin like the real desk. Very few plugins of any kind allow that without your ears bleeding. Finally a virtual desk that sounds like my real one. (Plus the great upgrades only here*)
  • Cambio mis mezclas

    by Philip
    Fue el primero plugins de la console que tuve y al momento de usar cambio mi percepción al momento de mezclar, de usar cadenas enormes de plugins a solo 3 o solo console G...
    Lo uso en guitarras eléctricas, acústicas o si quiero un cambio mas sutil a diferencia de console E. También si busco darle un poco mas de presencia.
    Invito a probarlo ya que en la búsqueda de obtener resultados rápidos y con carácter console G fue la puerta de entrada a bx_console y otros complementos de la marca.
    Hay que tener cuidado con el ruido de base que trae el plugin por la emulación de suma análoga pero cuidando eso es un excelente plugins.
    Excuse me for writing my experience in Spanish
  • One size fits all

    by masademar
    After having tested console E and console G, from brainworx, I can say that the console E compressor gives me the sound I was looking for: precise but full-bodied, and really easy to set. But the musicality of the equalizer in console G has always been my favorite. Thanks to Brainworx, I now have both in one plugin.
  • Console G

    by jay kru
    Wow, I love being able to fit a galactic size console in my little spare room.
    Don't know how these guys do it.....but in this range of consoles they do it brilliantly again and again.
    Many thanks !!!!!
  • bx_console G

    by Strat
    TMT should stand for "Takes Me There", this plugin is wizardry in digital form. There's no one analogy for how great it sounds, as it's usable in so many different areas of music production, it just gives that analogue richness and character that is hard to define using words.
    The compressor section is truly versatile; from smooth and subtle to hard and punchy. No messing about, just dial it in and smile! The G style can be more aggressive, the E style is calmer, rounder sounding, the mix control makes it so simple to tame things, if you need to. The Gate/Expander is equally simple to set and a joy to use; dial in some V-Gain and THD for that analogue tone when there's a signal, when there isn't, the gate will clean up the noise floor in a magical way. It has many more creative uses too!
    It's more good news with the EQ. I love dialling in the lows at 67Hz with the low mid/divide-by-three button, boosting it and then shelving down with the low section by a few dB's; great for kick drums, basses and guitars with a helping of the THD control.
    This is one of several 'Must Have' plugins from Brainworx; it's magnificent! Bravo, Dirk and the team!
  • bx_console A plus

    by MCCdusk
    I always was a fan of the G-series mids. Warm, smooth sound with a distinct character due to the variable proportional-Q design. Brainworx did a fantastic job in keeping the EQs original touch. You can choose between 2 (really) different sounding EQ revisions, which makes the EQ section even more outstanding. Unlike other SSL emulations, the compressor has an own HPF, which keeps the EQ still at your fingertips whenever sidechaining lows is needed. A huge plus!
    bx_console G/E/N plugins are extremely low on CPU usage.
    Highly recommendable!
  • Super

    by Rapha
    I use the console for EDM production on every bus. The TMT does add to the vibe.
    I find the knobs a bit sensitive to my mouse.
    Apart from that the eq and compression ist dope.
    No CPU killer, so well done!!
  • BX console G rocks!

    by Robert Messner
    BX console G really rocks on guitars, bass and snare, unbelievable!!
  • bx console G

    by Moe Muzik
    What can i say. bx_console (G,E or N) is the first plugin i reach for hands down! The only thing that determines which one i us is, what the session may be or what genre is it's being applied to. I've put the bx_consoles up against "the other console emulations",well, let me put it this way. The other console emulation plugins that was using before, well, i haven't thought about in months. And when i go back and redo mixes and AB against the bx_consoles, the others don't even come close. There simply is no comparison. Awesome product!! The closest Ive come to working on a console without actually working on the console!!
  • On Console G

    by B R Naveen Kumar,Mixing Engineer ,Mixing in the box,India
    Wowwww is the first word that comes to me when i use console G on my all Tracks its an Exact Emulation of SSL G console ,its a must tool to have in your Arsenal for the mixing and Mastering Have compared many even i have used UAD but these are way ahead of all SSL in Market, love using would love to have E as well..thanq Plugin alliance