Customer Reviews

  • Great potential

    by J Psycle
    I was shooting this out against Waves NX, and this wins out big in terms of clarity and bass fullness in my HD-650's. Transients seem slightly soft in Mix Room A, but Mix Room B sorts that out, albeit a bit bass heavy even if really smooth. This plugin in Mix Room B however is particularly CPU hungry (literally twice the CPU usage vs Waves NX), and I feel like the phantom center in this plugin is a bit more difficult to perceive vs Waves NX. The amount of detail you can hear in this plugin is stunning, and I will be checking my verbs and delays and other spacial stuff in hear for reference going forward, even if I keep the slightly less refined Waves NX as my daily driver for headphone mixing.
  • dear VR Monitor

    by Jam EL Mar
    Due to my travels I have to use headphones for my work a lot. The dearVR Monitor is of great help to get balance into my mixes with help of the great rooms simulations. Simulations are so real that I sometimes get tricked believing I am sitting in a real acoustic environment.
    For those using headphones a lot this is a winner!
  • use Mix Room B + Dry Analytics

    by apaivab
    For someone with a home studio setup and not thousands of dollars in room acoustic treatment, this is heaven. With a decent pair of headphones (I'm using Ultrasone Pro 750s) you get a perfect simulation of a much better environment to hear your mixes.
    I tend to gravitate towards Mix Room B. Dry Analytics is just perfect for assessing different reverbs, setting up your template for orchestral, film scoring, etc.
  • Worth every penny

    by KJ
    It's very simple to dial the best environment for your mixing needs. Not bad on cpu. Great plugin without the extra hype..
  • A Must Have For Mixing

    by Richie Peña
    dearVR Monitor is it! This is an incredible way to reference your tracks and mix. Simple to use, efficient and trust worthy. Great interface. Once you use it you will never turn back to mixing on headphone with out dearVR Monitor!
  • This is the bomb

    by Tiki Horea
    The plugin does what it says on the tin and way more.
    If you mix on headphones a lot, this sorts out the no-crossfeed issue.
    You can mix multi-channel material using your headphones, no fancy setups needed.
    You can use the studio emulations to put yourself in a great sounding space when working.
    You can listen to your work in various spaces, such as a car, to better help your mixes translate.
    This plugin's a beast.
    Thanks, dearVR.
  • Fantastic solution for immersive audio

    by MixedbyMe
    If you are familiar with DearVR then this will come as not surprise that they have created a solution for mixing in immersive environments on the go or in studios where you are limited to a stereo setup.
  • dearVR Monitor

    by Robert Babicz
    for me its a great way to work with my students in the same virtual room, via headphones. really great tool !!! thank you very much
  • Wow

    by Arnold Vigh (art-director, music-producer at SilverHillStudio, Budapest)
    This one is a REAL help to test your mixes without unnecessary hipe... Just sayin'! :) Grab it! Love it!