Customer Reviews

  • no multicore support

    by DJM
    good plugin, but has no multicore support!!!
  • dearVR MONITOR

    by Bill
    I have used this plugin consistently since I bought it. It is totally simple to use and offers an excellent mixing and mastering environment. I am a big fan of Dear Reality music and production plugin products. They are unique and work and sound just as advertised. I was especially surprised and pleased at he way my work in dearVR MONITOR translates to loud speakers. Great product in my opinion.
  • Jaw Dropping! Eye popping!

    by Jess Fermino
    Its so accurate. The moment, I've listened to the first 2 bars of my music. It really "transported" me inside our large mix room. And it simply sounds like it. I can no longer mix without dearVR MONITOR!
  • Fantastic

    by Blumpy
    I love working in headphone. Don’t ask me why… my studio sounds great but I love working in headphones. The problem is the imaging and balance are always off. I’ve tried even product I could get my mitts on and this is worlds ahead of the others. It doesn’t color the sound I way that doesn’t translate to speakers. I get my level correct…. Imaging is correct.
    I do tv and film score and results sound like a world class mix stage and I can monitor in Atmos!
  • The one

    by Alex Hepting
    -Very similar to DearVR Pro where the source can be placed in front and being kind of real time monitor except DearVR Monitor has binaural source / crossover which is important for more elaborate solution
    -Good visual representation for example on some modes: on stereo sum / width changing position of the virtual monitors very similar to bx-spreadshred
    - missing visual representation for depth of field, ambience intensity, levels in LUFS
    - missing a machine learning analysis for a sound can be placed to an ideal setting however sonible balancer / smart eq working into that direction
    A very intuitive way of visualising the depth is already within shoeps mono upmix it would be nicer to have a visual representation for ambience , it will be perceivable on Club / Car mode anyways. The loudness is changing on more reverb of course.
    - missing additional modes where sound is coming from radio, another room, under water or different physical feature however can be fixed with a midside eq, there again the crossover point of reverb is important which gives Dear VR Monitor a more creative basic use as example for cinematic effects where a voice could be placed.
    For a $200 product there could be some more elaborate way of monitor for example seeing the reference track eq curve, configurable ui and fast preview buttons for LG, HF, Mono, Phase known to other monitoring plugin solutions - just saying because I am happy with how that plugin is designed and still learning how to integrate it into mixing workflow.
    The reverb is as good as it sounds and pretty straight forward worth already the purchase. However leaves someone a bit indifferent because not knowing what is under the hood - if that is a raytracing reverb or a cheap allpass filter solution
  • mix in 5.1 on your laptop

    by Amazing
    Amazed with this plugin. Such an authentic 5.1 sound. Works great!!!
  • Indispensable now

    by Carbinax
    Achieving an accurate mix on headphones is, as we all know, the holy grail, and I've tried various things to address this, which, besides not actually working, were too intricate, with too many variables, and just plain confusing.
    With that background, and the scepticism attached to those experiences, I demo'd Dear VR Monitor with my AiAiAi TMA-2 headphones, set it to anechoic, worked on my track, got a good balance, and was blown away when I turned VR monitor back off again. The difference, for me, was jawdropping.
    I expected that to disappear once I switched back to my Yamaha HS7 monitors again, but the mix was still great.
    I can now mix with confidence with my headphones, knowing that the decisions I can now make via VR Monitor will translate, and I won't have to re-adjust the levels when playing back through speakers.
    Thank you Brainworx. I now use this on every track.
    The only suggestion I could make is .....could you guys include some kind of message to remind us to turn it off before rendering ? Apart from that, I think this VR monitor is incredible, and gives me the ability to work in a virtual anechoic studio, and for that reason alone, makes it priceless to me. Thank you Brainworx !!!
  • Great potential

    by J Psycle
    I was shooting this out against Waves NX, and this wins out big in terms of clarity and bass fullness in my HD-650's. Transients seem slightly soft in Mix Room A, but Mix Room B sorts that out, albeit a bit bass heavy even if really smooth. This plugin in Mix Room B however is particularly CPU hungry (literally twice the CPU usage vs Waves NX), and I feel like the phantom center in this plugin is a bit more difficult to perceive vs Waves NX. The amount of detail you can hear in this plugin is stunning, and I will be checking my verbs and delays and other spacial stuff in hear for reference going forward, even if I keep the slightly less refined Waves NX as my daily driver for headphone mixing.
  • dear VR Monitor

    by Jam EL Mar
    Due to my travels I have to use headphones for my work a lot. The dearVR Monitor is of great help to get balance into my mixes with help of the great rooms simulations. Simulations are so real that I sometimes get tricked believing I am sitting in a real acoustic environment.
    For those using headphones a lot this is a winner!
  • use Mix Room B + Dry Analytics

    by apaivab
    For someone with a home studio setup and not thousands of dollars in room acoustic treatment, this is heaven. With a decent pair of headphones (I'm using Ultrasone Pro 750s) you get a perfect simulation of a much better environment to hear your mixes.
    I tend to gravitate towards Mix Room B. Dry Analytics is just perfect for assessing different reverbs, setting up your template for orchestral, film scoring, etc.