Customer Reviews

  • dearVR Pro

    by BluelagoonStudios
    When we are producing ambient and soft sound productions, this one comes in. It gives my synths another dimension. The next one will be the dearVR Pro monitor, to monitor on headphones. Which is also an amazing plugin.
  • Una joya

    by rgsonido
    El mejor panner para música en formato inmersivo, las reverbs son excelentes y tiene una gran facilidad de uso, es muy recomendable para realizar mezclas para VR o formato binaural
  • Very cool

    by Tantra 2
    Great one! I love to use it for drones and atmos.
  • Powerful Fun!

    by Stringtree
    I was looking for a reverb to get my feet wet with 5.1 mixing. In about half an hour, I had footsteps crossing left-to-right in front of me in a stone church, a tram passing behind me outside, dialog to the right, somebody laughing to the left. Pure insanity. Automated everything in Reaper.
    Then I tried binaural placement for the first time. Unearthly. Stuff up and to the left, crossing to lower right, above, behind, right in front of my face in headphones.
    The ability to place things is so intuitive with this beast. In addition, common halls and spaces are bundled with exteriors and stuff that would be used all througout media work. This is a super-fun plugin!
  • Surround with discrete audio outs!

    by Shibu
    Simply amazing VST. Demoed dearVR Pro and was convinced in no time. Been looking for a tool like this where it could give me discrete audio outs for multi channels instead of the phase encoded stereo. 5.1 to 13.1 channels!! Movie production ready! Works perfectly in Reason 10.
  • Brings My Mixes To Life!

    by Azmy Adzkiansyah
    I was so convinced with the videos I didn't even demo the plugin and went straight to cart. So the spatial effect alone (without the reverb) changes the spectral content of the source audio. You might need to EQ and adjust the gain but the side effect is actually pleasant; two instruments placed, for example, one close-right-up, one far-left-down would fit nicely without clashing frequencies. It's not even a multiband compression plugin, but it's now my multiband compression workhorse.
  • Brilliant post production tool

    by AK
    i did use DearVR Pro in a few post production assignments, which were audio plays, and they sounded brilliant. Giving the whole show a nice 3d realistic depth, something which regular DAW panning couldn't have achieved. Thank you Dear Reality. Customer for life.
  • WOW

    by BC
    Ok, this is amazing. I'm not sure what else to say about it. Try it. I got on sale (thank goodness for sales). It's a great way to place things in the mix without sacrificing any quality of tone what-so-ever. It opens up a whole new set of dimensions.
  • dearVR PRO

    by PMT Studio
    Wow just used it on a video makes my life much simpler in helping me carve a soundscape that is matching the visual one.
  • Sounds good, workflow for stereo tracks no the best.

    by Alex D
    Just worth it for scaring my kids by having me whisper right behind their ears : )
    So far I have only used the plugin to make ambisonics mixes.
    The plugin works well and is relatively simple to use on mono tracks. While I have no comparison, to my ears the results sounds very good. The first time I heard a screaming guitar go 'through' my head gave me goosebumps.
    The one issue I have with this plugin is that it can only handle mono inputs. On stereo tracks you have to select either L, R or a mono mix as the input. A stereo version that would allow you to place two point sources in the area (one for L and one for R) would make the workflow a million times easier, but alas.