Customer Reviews

  • DearVR pro

    by Greg McDonald
    Far too expensive for what it does. Possible to find free plugins doing precisely the same thing. In addition, the order (3rd order) is rather low and not as precise as other tools like SSA plugins for instance which uses up to 7th order. The difference in precision is massive. Not happy with my purchase.
  • Best Binaural Plugin

    by Filipe Dias
    This is the best Binaural Plugin in the market.
    I've tried many Binaural emulators and dearVR Pro is the way to go:
    Interface - Accessible and really easy to use. It is graphical and practical, adapted to any type of consumer (beginners-pros)
    Precision - The algorithm takes into account the human perception regarding the localization of sound sources, therefore it is capable of applying the necessary cues to convey the position, without changing too much the timbre of the sound source, like other competitors.
    Functionality - Azymuth, Elevation and Distance are the parameters that define the coordinates XYZ and are used to chose the position of the source. In the Cartesian Mode, you can select the position manually with your mouse (or trackpad) while in the Polar mode, you use the coordinates to place the source. You can always try the different settings X/Z Y/Z X/Y to chose the view that suits your intended position. The plugin adds a convolution reverb with various presets and changeable features to create and adapt the space.
    Sound quality: Top of the notch! Best I've heard so far.
    This plugin is a no brainer for those who want to get into 3D audio and discover new ways of creating space and depth in a mix. It is a technical and creative tool for sound engineers and sound designers, which is easy and effective to use.
  • dearVR pro

    by Konrad C
    This amazing if you are Into binaural sound or do post production.
    Makes it easy to automate Foley walkbys
    Or pan diffent Music busses to create a realistic soundscape.
    It's a versitile panner with a good sounding reverb all in one plugin.
  • dearVR Pro

    by PrismaticBlack
    I'm currently working on a concept album, and I have to say that this plugin really helped me bring out the "cinematic" elements of the story.
    I've got various footsteps, wild animals, whispers, and gusts of wind coming to and from every which-way, and honestly it's just awesome. You can really immerse a listener with this toolkit. This module gives you the ability to set the direction, elevation, and horizontal distance of track audio from the origin point (the listener's ears). You can add ambient environmental reverb, and you can of course automate a ton of these parameters.
    I highly recommend dearVR Pro for sound designers, film score producers, and really just anyone wanting to get creative with the spatial aspect of their mixes.
  • dearVR pro

    by Tommy
    Never ever think of 3 Dimension ally placing a sound.
    Great and so advance stuff
  • VR PRO

    by Little Cloud
    I used it 5 minutes ago on a vocal PLACE A BV in the right spot (well actually it was left...altho that is stage right..??) is one fantastic reverb unit. Ive been a hardware owner of a number of LEXICON and EVENTIDE units and so Im used to hearing good reverbs as I play my guitar live..whether its acoustic, a Tele or slide work..I LOVE REALLY GOOD REVERBS.
    To date youve had to pay A LOT for that level of reverb. This VR PRO unit is pretty on the money for spaces! If you dont actually own it yet at least get a 14 day trial and put it on something really busy and something really naked and see for yourself how beautifully it treats everything that goes thru it. Sparkle and clarity...BOOTIFUL BRAINWORX..THANK YOU AGAIN! :-)
  • dearVR Pro is incredible!

    by Bill
    I have been using dearVR Pro for several months in my Film/TV/Video Game music productions. I sometimes use the animation of sound(s) feature with stellar results. I also use it as an instrument staging tool which is quite easy to do in creating a 180 or 360 field. What is the creme' de la creme' is the fabulous reverb spaces. A single space across the entire mix allows for a specified feel and emotion, while mixing spaces creates very interesting results. I like the ability to animate sounds with movements and realistic motion as well as spacial placements that give a holographic vibe. All these things are very easy to accomplish in this very intuitive and easy to understand plug in. Dear Reality has thought out and built this amazing plug in with great care and an understanding that rocket science and media creation are rarely found in the same end user. Great job Dear Reality! You have a winner here on many counts!
  • Shining

    by ViTheVault
    I love this Plugin, ease of use, get fast results, sounds great for VR and for your casual stereo mix; I use it in my film setup for web-content it makes so much sense and sounds so real!
  • dearVRpro

    by Bishop
    Impossible to get a bad sound out of this thing ...
  • Fantastic product with only one major hitch currently.

    by David
    Fantastic, easy to use and understand. At the same time easy to get deep and precise with it. Sonically great in a field that isn't overly developed yet.
    The only major hangup is that it does not currently run in 96kHz sessions.