Customer Reviews

  • Mix in 3D? Wow!

    by James Mullen
    I just tried this quickly, and I am blown away by how my rock and pop mixes sound when I mix them in 3D. I sent a 3D test mix to one of the bands I work with, and they want to use it as a bonus track on their new album. It´s so cool to be able to just bounce these 3D mixes to a "stereo WAV" and listen to the 3D mixes on any player, by just using headphones. I guess the future is now. ;-)
  • Dear VR pro for HOA production

    by michiox
    Hi there,
    we @ PRG Lab are using HOA production workflows
    (most of the time TOA) for audio production for linear 360/3d video content production as well as for sound designs for smaller VR games.
    Dear VR definitely sets a new level when it comes to quick, musical sounding results and presets; combined with a very efficient CPU usage, which is a highly sensitive point when it comes to classical 360 video productions in live concerts environments, where one needs to "spatialize" all close miced/DI signals with channel counts above 48...the 3D localization is awesome and the ability to automate all parameters fits all professional needs.
    Only draw back so far is that one could add a bus structure for the reverb part of things to safe even more ressources, e.g. when many sorces end up in the same room/chruch/stadium reverb.
    But this is afaik already in the feature request pipeline...
    So all thumps up! Keep spatialising.
    And btw. the binaural rendering is also really well done.
  • DearVR Pro

    by Pino Pischetola
    DearVR Pro goes beyond any plug in of this type. The way it places sounds in the 3d space it's unique and it really works.
    It reminds me of very expensive hardware processor od the past (RSS)
    really impressed!
  • Unbelievable Realism

    by MixedbyMe
    This is genuinely the first spatial simulation plugin that I have used that actually sounded natural and doesn’t take a masters degree in software engineering to use.
    The resulting sound is so real that I found myself turning to bypass often just to check that it really was creating the space I was hearing and that the space wasn’t already part of the recorded track the word transparent comes to mind.
    Totally recommend this one for not only VR functionality but also for natural sounding reverb in music audio production.
  • Impressive and creative tool for VR

    by Arnold/Kolinski/Reimann
    Working with dearVR is a lot of fun! Being able to mix in 3D and to apply more depth and versatility to the sound, is adding a whole new layer of creativity.