Customer Reviews

  • Try it!

    by Reto Rausch
    Probably the most underrated plugin from Plugin Alliance. It does things no other plugin can do. You have to try it!
  • Underrated

    by Carambo
    If your source (captured curve) is of quality, it can raise the sound to an amazing quality level. It will take you time to master the parameters, but it can replace a complete chain of plugins for mastering. Also very useful on instruments tracks, the guitar presets are amazing, your guitar will sound like something you never heard before.
  • DSM V2

    by Pat Flynn
    The DSM V2 is outstanding........on individual tracks it gives a truly professional finishing touch, it appears to put a shine on vocals and guitar and make them sit in the mix with added space and clarity. I’ve only been using it for a month or so and have barely scratched the surface. I personally think it’s the most versatile useful plugin to have.....reading the manual is recommended to understand the concept.
  • You gotta learn it

    by Nick F
    This plugin is changing the way I mix. The multi-band comp taken to the extreme and capacity to match or blend to mix 'impulses' from my fav records = a joy to create with. There are a few too many things it can do for my little brain, but it's getting a lot of use at the back end of a mix process - almost as a finaliser/check/subtle colour on mix bis - but i've used it on lead vocals and LOVED how natural it is while it fixes sibilance and SSSSSes seamlessly.
  • Permanent part of my vocal chain

    by PB
    Been using this since early on before it was part of Plugin Alliance. It's become an indispensable part of my vocal chain and sound.
  • Fantastic design, great sound!

    by Maniou
    If you're looking for authentic sound, this is the one compressor that brings the true character of your mix up front. Very easy to handle, and professional.
  • Thanks Paul

    by JH Studio
    I've waited for this plugin to appear in one of PA's flash sales for over 6 months. This is a one of a kind software that's able to bring balance to your mix and duplicate the dynamic range of professional mixes. Once you learn how to optimize with this tool, you'll appreciate how indispensible it can be.
  • Top class maximizer

    by 354e
    Doesn't harm the clarity of the final mix
  • 这个插件真是非常棒

    by liuyanbochang
  • DSM V2

    by Saintpid Mastering
    The DSM V2 is great when it does work, the best thing at de-essing vocals and can also be good in mastering in some cases where normal compression just won't cut it. But, all that said, the number of times this thing just reset itself upon reopening a session and make things sound really awkward. The recorded curve gets lost about half the time, it's not reliable. I only used it in Reaper, it may work better in other hosts.