Customer Reviews

  • Permanent part of my vocal chain

    by PB
    Been using this since early on before it was part of Plugin Alliance. It's become an indispensable part of my vocal chain and sound.
  • Fantastic design, great sound!

    by Maniou
    If you're looking for authentic sound, this is the one compressor that brings the true character of your mix up front. Very easy to handle, and professional.
  • Thanks Paul

    by JH Studio
    I've waited for this plugin to appear in one of PA's flash sales for over 6 months. This is a one of a kind software that's able to bring balance to your mix and duplicate the dynamic range of professional mixes. Once you learn how to optimize with this tool, you'll appreciate how indispensible it can be.
  • Top class maximizer

    by 354e
    Doesn't harm the clarity of the final mix
  • 这个插件真是非常棒

    by liuyanbochang
  • DSM V2

    by Saintpid Mastering
    The DSM V2 is great when it does work, the best thing at de-essing vocals and can also be good in mastering in some cases where normal compression just won't cut it. But, all that said, the number of times this thing just reset itself upon reopening a session and make things sound really awkward. The recorded curve gets lost about half the time, it's not reliable. I only used it in Reaper, it may work better in other hosts.
  • Proaudio DSM V2

    by Swanee
    First off the negative, it doesn't have proper metering. For a pro mastering engineer it's essential to know what the compressor and peak limiter are doing, preferably with infinite hold ability on the peak lim. There's nothing. But the plug-in itself is extraordinary. We have used it on bass, vocals, percussion and the 2buss so far, all with exceptional results. I look forward to a metering update!
  • ProAudioDSP DSM

    by LouisC
    If you haven't bought this then you haven't run the demo.
    If you do run the demo, you'll buy it.
    I bought the Waves L1 back in 1995 and it was a game changer.
    I bought the Spectrum Mapper in 2018.
    It's a game changer.
  • I see why it’s rarely on sale

    by billy_neighbors
    Serious desert island plugin. Quick de ess? Done. Complex multiband limiting? Done. Got your vocals loud, clear, and full but now they’re harsh? Not anymore. Throw it on a drum buss and those cymbals will never forgive you. The thing is that none of these examples are even the intended use. This is as real as it gets. Digital is no longer “cold”and “harsh” unless you still don’t know what you’re doing, or you thought there was no way $300 could be worth it for this plugin.
  • Help me worx

    by bb music
    Very professional,