Customer Reviews

  • IMO worth the upgrade

    by ncnoman
    TBH i upgraded but i only casually messed around with v3. Had some PA bucks to spend and decided to grab the upgrade on a whim (tbh couldnt really grasp what the "new features were from docs). But, I'm happy with the purchase, even if for me its the small things making a difference. For one, as far as UI changes, what in v3 were little icon buttons, the buttons for Rack editing and wiring simply say Edit and Wiring in v4. IDK why but that made a big difference in how far I made it playing around. I managed to build a super sick, super clean, super stable with a selection of amp sims, midi controlled routing, midi drums and keyboards and mixing thru multiple ins and outs on my interface. Not sure why such a small change inspired me to dive in so much, but it did. I was off to the races, "Editing" and "Wiring" away. maybe it was there all along but i couldnt see it. Either way, v4 brought user and software to life and turned out to be all i hoped it would back when i bought v3. Now Im inspired to be creative and use this thing.
    As everyone says, super stable, low cpu, low latency. I also am happy that PA packaged a lot of templates rackspaces you can open with the New Gig menu - custom for PA :) I like my own sounds more, but the templates PA includes for Guitar, Bass and Keyboards also really show off and inspire my own ideas for rackspace set ups, both visually and functionally. Super stoked. If you have an always on jam room you route/DI everything thru, just buy it. It can do anything. Its the brains/mothership of a digital audio jam setup.

    by Withajay
    Every time I use this I get a boner. XD
    But seriously....this is so great! I can't even believe that people take the time to make this stuff and I have no idea how they do it but I am so very grateful for them and what that they do. This is a software miracle! HALLELUJAH!
  • Brillant and CPU Friendly

    by Saturn Voyager
    This is the most CPU friendly host for plugins I ever use and it works really good. I´d love the widgets would work like brainworks plugins that they don´t change their value with double click or clicking over them by mistake
  • The Best Plug-in Investition 2021 for Plugin Layering WOW WOW WOW

    by grazianova
    the best plug in what I've ever bought for plug in sound layering everything works without any problems Assuming Current PC...... it is now possible to do anything as I imagine there are no limits as before.... this is definitely the future!
  • I was hopeful..

    by Never Say Sleep Studios
    A great idea for a product and one I'm sure a lot of people were waiting for. Problems I'm having is the CPU seems to get loaded really quick, even at 35% I'm getting all sorts of glitches and dropouts.
    Had a live stream the other day which was also being recorded and was at 96k, 20% CPU and unusable basically, had to sack it off in the end.
    Also, the patch screen can get real messy with the patch cables very quickly. Would be great to maybe have an option to hide the cables once you are all set with patching, or maybe a drop-down menu for patching too to keep it tidy.
  • $$$

    by Gig Necromancer
    Gig Performer 3 is great... Does everything it claims,
    great for tracking in the studio,,, I highly recommend this product!!!
    Although the PlugIn Alliance UnLocked version,.. ?
    - what do I get for the extra cost up and over the 149$ cost if I were to buy direct from Gig Performer? - I actually did this, and they graciously offered a refund when I voiced that I wished to buy the PLUGIN ALLIANCE version for the presets and the amps,,,, Little did I know that these amps and fx were merely 30 day trials... Even though I was offered a voucher for 169$ price instead of the asked 199$..., I want to know what I get, besides the 30 day trials?
    - suddenly a little less enthused___
    Plugin Alliance response
    The PA UNLOCKED Version includes Mac & PC versions, which is $199.
  • Intuitive and Powerful

    by riddimBank
    I’ve used Ableton Live on stage with my multiple keyboard controllers since 2007. While it’s been very stable, it’s expensive (even upgrades), and more importantly, it’s difficult. I dove into the GigPerformer trial and within three days (with help from the community forum) I was convinced this would be my next direction. I’d bought Mainstage about a month earlier but it’s also not as intuitive as GigPerformer. Very impressed with how it manages memory. I tested it with 35(!) instances of HALion (16 channel multi-timbral sampler), and it switched between patches quickly with no cut off notes. Impressive.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you for the real-world test and feedback! Have fun on stage!
  • Home Run...

    by RFW
    This is a big time winner for stand alone Plugin usage, like guitar amp sims, as well as a superb routing tool to any DAW and thereby reducing drag on CPU from your DAW possibly loaded with heavy amps, or synths etc.. By simply busing in through the easy to use routing bus. I was super pleased with how intuitive it was to get at simple to fairly involved setups quickly and subsequent making tracks. The widgets feature allows you to create custom layout and function controls for any parameter frequently used... this is huge, particularly for amp sims or other BX PI's to select the settings presets ABCD... mondo bitchen-o!
    Within an hour of purchasing I was doing cart wheels think how great it is and that I can now DITCH using UA CONSOLE for anything other than input gain structuring or
    basic input routing. Being able to combine any manufactures plugin and resulting combination is a huge plus. The live use applications are as yet unexplored here but point to some really cool new possibilities.
    Digging it!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you, great review!
  • Game changer

    by Matteo Cifelli
    This host is so powerful and well written. It does load any plugin and runs everything in real time with no latency problems or CPU spikes. VERY SOLID. Definitely the best of it's class it will be my next companion to run tons of plugins in my FOH setup
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you!
  • Gig Performer first impressions

    by Lordward
    Well well, finally someone did it! And by "it" I don't mean that they just made a good sounding "real-time" guitar/bass amp simulation (Bias/Overload/Waves GTR/etc...) but rather a platform that allows me to create a live setup using anything I want from my plugin arsenal, not just the plug-ins supplied by the vendor. This was "wow" number one for me. Number two was just how it worked for my purposes. Let me explain:
    For the past 2 1/2 years, after many times traveling abroad to do tours and being (constantly) forced to use a (very) inferior amp I had decided to venture into the world of amp simulations using plug-ins of my choice. I ended up using Cubase LE as a DAW/plugin-interface because it was A) cheap, and B) didn't need a dongle. It worked out well enough because I was able to send the input of my Audio Interface to several different Amps and processing chains to have multiple sounds ready for any gig. It was all well enough. However, there was always the latency issue that was acceptable when I used very high sample rates. But this also took away my power so I was limited to how many plug-ins I could actually use. The difference with Gig Performer is that the latency is dramatically reduced and I'm able to use many more plug-ins probably because this platform is working directly with my interface and I'm not having to deal with the ASIO round-trip latency. In any case I was able to quickly set up a sound using a lot of plug-ins and even going the extra mile with adding processing to the Master output of my chain. I'm sitting here now jamming around and have never felt so comfortable. I'm loving it :)