Customer Reviews

  • Online Mastering is Great

    by StratRat
    Way cool. Many choices, many options. Free mastering for 44.1/16. Easy process and very fast. The only thing I would request is a sort of slider or knob where you could dial in the preferred percentage of bx style (0=none, 100=full bx style) while mastering. I like the LA style, but sometimes just a little less, ya know? Still an excellent way to get that bx 'magic' on your music, and that's always a good thing. Give it a try.
  • Finally! It does sound good!

    by Guy With Ears
    Finally an online mastering service that is using algorithms by one of the best brands for mastering plugins: Brainworx. Their M/S technology, TMT patent and analog models are amazing, and you can hear it in the online masters!