Customer Reviews

  • PA Plugins

    by Jacob Washington-Lacey
    When I first heard about PA, I thought it was just another company with plugins that were similar to what I already was getting from my previous subscription. Then I tried it out and was amazed from the jump! PA is now part of my workflow for every session I work on, recording, mixing and mastering! I am very pleased with the quality of plugins that are coming from PA and I highly recommend them to everyone, from beginners to professionals!
  • Had to do it...

    by Jeremy G
    Finally subscribed after 6 months of watching flash sales like a hawk and eagerly buying a bunch of plug-ins that I immediately put to use. The quality of the plugins speak for themselves, so I'm looking forward to having access to the full range of options now. My mixes have improved significantly since using PA plugins; but more importantly the new tools have helped inspire me to expand my thinking about music making and to create more music.
    Can't wait to try out the new tools.