Customer Reviews

  • GOAT

    by 993
    LOOOOVE U !!!
  • Amazing

    by Happy
    Can't complain about this deal. Any plugin you could ever want at a guaranteed price of $29.99+$1 every month. It almost feels like having control over discounts right in your hands.
    I couldn't believe this when it came out. PA is truly the best!
    Haven't figured out how the "Amazing samples from Native Instruments & PA!" works yet though, but even if I don't figure it out, I won't be too bummed since I can get the plugins I want for $30 :)
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you! The new PA MEGA Sample Player will be out in just a few days (in June 2022), so please stay tuned!
  • Good value

    by MS
    What a great program for selling the latest and greatest for a good price, and with a permanent license (so archived products will still work five years down the road). Since its monthly, I have plenty of time to do evals of stuff on my radar screen that I don't need immediately.
  • PA Forever!!

    by Yael Hidalgo
    I love this option to buy plugins especially the new releases, PA in my opinion is always one or two steps ahead of other companies
  • Forever $29

    by maxelicious
    Great for new customers!
  • ❤️

    by Mishaja Cut

    by JackBale
    I think it's something that sets itself apart and gives you the opportunity to get an exclusive blacklisted product for the value of one that's on display all the time. All good, but they could have included a package of about 10 top plugins for the subscription to leave the option that allows forced purchases for new plugins and new customers who join. This way they maintain the subscription and their star products that come out would sell like hot cakes. That is, the idea is to solidify and keep the subscription active all the time