Industry Reviews

  • Jody Wisternoff
    Jody Wisternoff

    Excellent SSL emulations. Their very unique sound is cleverly replicated. These plugins are a great way to access classic mojo in the comfort of your own home. Will be using frequently!

  • Lee Slater
    Lee Slater

    OMG, your drums will thank you for this! Bigger, better, harder -- it's like having a console at your fingertips! The E series EQ/comp on drums has always been my favourite, but now with the mix facility, it takes things one step further.

  • Junkie XL
    Junkie XL

    This is really awesome! I inserted my favourite model, the bx_console E, on all 48 of my subgroups in Cubase. It sounds phenomenal! Whatever you need, it is right here on each channel. A must-have for every mix enthusiast!

  • Michael Zimmerling
    Michael Zimmerling

    The wizards from Brainworx have done it again! All their console emulations deliver rich sound and realistic punch which had seemed to be impossible!

  • Josh Newell
    Josh Newell

    The Brainworx E and G console emulations are great. They sound more open than other console emulations I've tried. The addition of the blend knob and HPF on the dynamics section is also a fantastic touch.

  • Katie Tavini
    Katie Tavini

    The bx_console E responds as if you're using the real thing. It really brings audio to life, with an insanely musical EQ and punchy compression. The amount of cool little features on this plugin makes it a really classy addition to your collection. Over both individual components and whole tracks, this plugin adds an extra sonic dimension that is both functional and pleasing.

  • Stonebridge

    This is a really good British console style design and I love the four-bank settings for quick comparisons. It's been a long time since I heard a better low cut as well. This is not only perfect for mastering, but also tasty sample sound design. The high end is so tasty too!

  • Richard Chycki
    Richard Chycki

    It gives your music more character, whilst retaining the lineage of the original E console.

  • James Wiltshire
    James Wiltshire

    I could quite happily mix an entire record on it, and I haven’t said that in a long time.

  • Michael Zimmerling
    Michael Zimmerling

    Things have changed and Plugin Alliance has released stunning hardware emulations of the most influential mixing consoles of modern times.

  • Marc Daniel Nelson
    Marc Daniel Nelson

    Having grown up in the industry on both an 'E' and a 'G' series, I was eager to give the new bx_console E a spin. After using a few other companies' emulations of the same console, I was incredibly happy and impressed with Brainworx and the attention to detail. The channel strip compressor finally has the proper 'snnnnaapp' I've been missing from the real console. On top of it all, the added features are fantastic. Having a mix knob is extremely handy. Another home run!