Industry Reviews

  • Xtressor

    Koen Heldens

    Mixing Engineer (XXXTentacion, Trippie Redd, Swae Lee)

    The hardware version has been a longtime favorite of mine, and the new Xtressor finds itself at the top of my dynamics list in my DAW. It reacts flawlessly, similar to classics such as the 1176 or LA2-A. Its side-chain filters aid in removing low-end information that triggers compression when it's not needed, and I’m a big fan of saturation, and the distortion modes help me achieve that fine line of saturation I’m always looking to add. On vocals, I love to use the warmth control for tape compactness.

  • Xtressor

    Eddie Lucciola

    Kiive Audio

    I felt like there weren’t enough emulations out there. I wanted to improve on the original analog hardware by adding essential features such as Mid/Side processing, and dual mono, as well as adding a bunch of extra features you can’t really find on other compressor plugins.

    The Xtressor makes an excellent addition to any compressor arsenal, offering 8 different compressors in 1 plugin. Each of its 8 ratios offers the sound of a completely different compressor.

  • Xtressor

    Alberto De Icaza

    Mixing & Mastering Engineer (Clutch, Crobot, Megan Thee Stallion)

    Kiive’s Xtressor has become my go-to for Drums and Guitars. They managed to capture the snappiness of the original compressor and the saturation circuit sounds great!

  • Xtressor

    Paul Kruz

    Mix & Mastering Engineer/Audio Post Mixer (Ruff Kaida, Wilz Nyopole, Mr Vezzy)

    This plugin is honestly incredible, has literally everything you need in a classic compressor with a modern touch. Utter genius features, Mid/Side, Saturation & warmth  sounds amazing. So many options in just one compressor. Don’t forget to NUKE your drums - its legal.

  • Xtressor

    Sam Sherbin

    Mixing Engineer (Stray Kids, Rachel Platten, Ebony Obsidian)

    The Xtressor is a modern version of a hardware classic. The M/S features and saturation are worth the price of admission alone!

  • Xtressor

    Sam Pura

    Producer, mix & mastering engineer (Basement, The Story So Far, State Champs)

    The Xtressor is filled with serious best friend energy!

  • Xtressor

    Tory G

    Producer & Audio Engineer (DJ Zenas, Kidd Dripp & KAI SNO)

    This is my go-to for smooth distressor-like compression!