bx_rooMS Demo with Greg Wurth

by Greg Wurth

Watch this video from the Inside the Studio with Greg Wurth series to learn how to use bx_rooMS by Brainworx.

Sandman Pro, In-depth

by Greg Wurth

Mo Volans demos Unfiltered Audio's newest delay, Sandman Pro.

Brainworx bx_rooMS Review

Pete from MixBetterNow reviews the newly released Brainworx reverb plugin, bx_rooMS.

bx_rooMS, in-depth

by Mo Volans

Mo Volans shows us how to use the new Brainworx reverb plugin, bx_rooMS.

Lindell Audio TE-100 Review

Pete from Mix Better Now reviews the Lindell Audio TE-100 and talks about some of its features.

Greg Wurth's Top Ten Favorite Plugins

by Greg Wurth

In this episode of “Inside the Studio with Greg Wurth” Greg talks about some of his favorites including the Vertigo VSC-2, Brainworx bx_opto, and Unfiltered Audio Fault.

Exploring the TE-100 Tube EQ

by Greg Wurth

Greg Wurth talks about the new Lindell Audio tube equalizer plugin, TE-100, modeled after the original Klein & Hummel UE-100 hardware unit.

Unfiltered Audio Bundle V1.0 Demo

Watch this demonstration of all five Unfiltered Audio plugins included in the brand new 100% Unfiltered Audio Bundle!

TE-100 Full Demo

by Mo Volans

Mo Volans demos Lindell Audio's newest EQ plugin, TE-100, currently being used by top producers worldwide.

What is Hysteresis?

Pro Audio Files explains the concept of hysteresis demonstrated on a snare drum track.

Unfiltered Audio Dent Demo

Plugin Alliance's Mo Volans demos Unfiltered Audio's new full-featured distortion plugin, Dent.