Mixing Loud Without Destroying Dynamics

by Craig Bauer

Need to present a mix to a client that is as loud as commercially available mastered tracks in a pinch? Craig Bauer offers us tips on how to get this done.

elysia nvelope Plugin Tutorial

Tom from elysia shows us the power of the this next level tool for managing the attack and sustain of your tracks.

Tube Rectifier Tone from Brainworx

Anybody who has recorded amps in the studio knows that capturing the sound you hear in the room when you’re playing is not easy.

ENGL Unleashed!

by Mo Volans

Mo Volans and Toby Pitman unleash the power of the Engl Amps during their visit to Air Studios

How to Use elysia alpha compressor

The elysia Alpha Compressor proves to fatten your mixes in parallel compression, individual track, or Mastering compression.