October 17, 201611,896 Views

BX_rooMS by Brainworx & Plugin Alliance (In-Depth Review) | Mix Better Now

Here's a review of the brand new Bx_rooMS reverb plugin from Brainworx and Plugin Alliance that was just released today! Plugin Alliance make some of my favorite plugins on the planet and they're also supporters of MixBetterNow.com... There's so many things to be excited about in regards to the release of Bx_rooMS (Brainworx's FIRST REVERB PLUGIN, Continuous Algorithmic Reverb, Mid/Side Reverb, and MUCH MUCH MORE) that I can't fit it all in this space... So check out the video and make sure you go download a demo of the wonderful Bx_rooMS mid/side reverb at PluginAlliance.com today! - Mixbetternow.com


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