I recently mixed a track for the POP/EDM artist, Svrcina. In this article I’d like to share some of my mixing and production techniques with you.

Some of the things to listen for include:
- The use of high pass filters on the vocals and vocal FX.
- In the bridge listen to the various filter effects on the lead vocal delays.

The other main and very obvious technique is the use of ever evolving lead vocal sound and fx. The EQ is not static throughout and was accomplished by splitting the vocal into several separate tracks. The delays and reverbs constantly change throughout course of the song. And you can plainly hear the addition of a slight vocal distortion effect added in only the verses. Vocal reverbs were all Exponential Audio LLC plugins.

I've layered the original kick track that was sent to me with a couple of my own samples that change in various sections of the track.

However, the biggest change I made in the song was the decision to add the hook vocal breakdown section that happens just after the bridge. The song came to me without that section there and I felt the song could benefit from the extra time to build up the final vamp. In this section I'm using filter sweeps across several tracks to create the build into the final hook.

I've always viewed my role as more than just a mixer. Sometimes I take the chance of making a drastic change like that without discussing with the artist or producer first. The worst case scenario is you remove it in 5 seconds if it's not well received.

On the flip side...you become the hero when they love it.

Lastly, my new favorite box... Andy Eschenwecker's Vertigo Sound VSM-2 Mix Satellite is across the stereo bus adding it's magic making the mix big wide and deep through the use of its coloration channels.


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