October 29, 20174,933 Views

Earlier this month Dear Reality released updates for its popular dearVR music and pro versions. In addition to bug fixes and improved performance, both versions now support sample rates up to 192khz and full Pro Tools Ambisonic support including first, second, and third order harmonics.

Check out what the pros are saying.

"I can count on one hand the number of VR and Ambisonic plugins that I actually want to use, and that list got smaller because dearVR just replaced three of them. It’s completely brilliant, utterly intuitive, excellent.”

- Simon Franglen (Composer / Producer - Avatar, Titanic, Michael Jackson)

“This has made my year. Very cool mindfreak of a plugin I’m now using on all sorts. Great spaces too. Love it! Incredible job.”

- Tchad Blake (Producer / Audio Engineer / Musician - Peter Gabriel, Pearl Jam, Tom Waits)

Now when you purchase a dearVR music, you can upgrade to the pro version for $150.


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