August 26, 20154,897 Views

By Kate Finan (Owner & Supervising Sound Editor Boom Box Post)

In post-production audio, one thing is certain: you will encounter noisy dialogue, and rarely will you be lucky enough to find that the noise is comprised of only one thing. More often, it’s a complex mix of traffic, room tone, insects, walla, and ventilation. Poor on-set microphone technique by the production mixer or a haphazardly placed lavalier mic can add to the difficulty of cleaning up these noisy tracks. As a post-production editor or mixer, being too heavy handed with noise reduction software after the fact can often exacerbate the poor recording issues.

Here, I introduce two different work flows for the ERA-D plugin by accusonus to remove the complex noise while leaving my dialogue in tact. First, I use a fast, simple, and effective technique to de-noise the track.  Second, I show an advanced method which employs both the de-noise and de-reverb modules and lets me target each frequency band separately, effectively attacking the different types of noise (traffic, insects, room tone) on their own for maximum effectiveness.  

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