August 6, 201517,109 Views

When Brainworx founder Dirk Ulrich, a noted producer who has worked with many top acts including Toto and Dream Theater’s James LaBrie, went looking for a mastering EQ with innovative features like an internal M/S matrix and M/S processing, he discovered that no such thing existed. Rather than compromise, he designed his own. The result was the Modus Equalizer, a multimode analog hardware EQ that offered 3 channels of versatile, gorgeous-sounding EQ. This was the basis for the original bx_digital V1 plugin. 

The new bx_digital V2 delivers the same analog soul as the original, plus powerful new features like M/S De-Essing, Mono-Maker, and intelligent Bass and Presence Shifters. Additional M/S features such as Pan for M and S, and Stereo Width Control are also included.


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