May 31, 201512,141 Views

This month, Benny Greb who is one of the best drummers and creative thinkers of the modern age is on the cover of Modern Drummer. I recorded with him a couple weeks ago at Prosdocimi Recording in North Italy. After the session I set up cameras to do a short video about the gear we used, but it turned into an in depth discussion about drum recording philosophy from a technical and creative perspective. One of the most interesting videos I have ever made.

If you like this you should definitely pick up has awesome new DVD, The art and science of groove and check him out in the new issue of Modern Drummer

- Ronan Chris Murphy (Recording Boot Camp)

Ronan Chris Murphy works around the world and compiled a wildly diverse discography that ranges from prog-rock icons King Crimson (several albums) to Youtube sensation Tay Zonday. He has recorded and mixed albums for artists such as Steve Morse, Jamie Walters, Chucho Valdés y group Irakere, Steve Stevens, Nels Cline, Ulver, Tony Levin, Alexia, Pete Teo, and Terry Bozzio.


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