March 4, 20167,568 Views

"This is going to be the first installment on a series on editing. We're going to be talking about editing backing vocals to the lead vocals. Now, editing is something that we tend not to get too excited about, but it's much like the fruits and veggies on our plate. It's maybe not the most exciting thing in the world in some respects, but it is extremely good for you.

In fact, I would say editing is the unsung hero of a successful record.

So what I'm going to do is I'm going to play you this record as it came in, and what I want you to do is listen to the syncopation of the backing vocals to the lead vocal, and then I'm going to show you my edit and dissect what I did, why, and how, and I really want you to take note of this, because while it isn't the flashiest subject, it is probably one of the most important and also most overlooked."

-  Matthew Weiss



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