Here's a little trick I've been doing to make a main acoustic guitar track pop nicely in a mix.
 (For a stereo acoustic guitar track or 2 mono stacks of the same part panned hard L-R. If it's the latter, you're best off dragging the mono tracks into a single stereo track)

First off, EQ the stereo track for a really natural sound. This often requires Hi-passing around 100-150hz. Be sure not to EQ the track overly bright.

 Then, compress the stereo track conservatively. 2:1 or just enough to contain the peaks but not squashed to an inch of it's life.

Now duplicate the track keeping the EQ but removing the compressor.
 Apply the VSM-3 on the duplicated track only.
 Using only the 2nd harmonic FET crusher dial in just a touch of harmonics with the filter set to HIGH on only the Sides with the M/S switch. This will add a hair of brightness to the duplicated track. The image below is a good starting point. It may be necessary to use the shape control to dial the effect back but leave the THD mix fully open.

Now blend the compressed original track with the uncompressed duplicated track. It's akin to parallel compression in this instance. Based on how "full" the guitar sounds it may be necessary to pull out some 250-400hz of the duplicated track to take away some of the meat and leave most the upper frequency information to poke through. 

When balanced correctly the result is the bulk of the guitar is filled out the in the mix by the compressed track. The peaks from the duplicated track shine through here and there adding a touch of sparkle and "pop" and also a little additional stereo width to the guitar part.


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