What is G8?

G8 is a high-quality noise gate with many tricks up its sleeve.

Brainworx bx_yellowdrive Pedal Plugin Demo

The bx_yellowdrive distortion pedal from Brainworx is an exacting plugin emulation of one of the most popular overdrive pedals ever made: The Boss SD-1®.

Brainworx bx_distorange Pedal Plugin Demo

This distortion pedal is a modern classic. Artists ranging from Kurt Cobain to Steve Vai have relied on its snarling, grinding distortion to excite fans.

bx_opto & bx_opto Pedal Review by SonicScoop

If you’re on the hunt for transparent compression, this may not be your game, but if you want both character and versatility then the bx_opto might be for you.

Interview with F. Reid Shippen

Plugin Alliance is a perfect microcosm of that ideology- a bunch of creative designers working together for a common goal of great sonics. I love what you guys are doing.

Gearslutz accusonus ERA-D Review

Accusonus (creators of the infamous Drumatom) have released a combination plugin that allows you to simultaneously reduces apparent noise and reverberation...

Plugin Alliance All Bundle 3.1 Overview

Mo Volans takes you through version 3.1 of the Plugin Alliance All Bundle featuring 39 great sounding plugins from 8 world class pro audio companies.

Dave Audé - Remixing 100 Billboard #1 Hits

The bx_digital V2 is a great addition to my master buss. Everyone wants mixes “mastered” these days and this plug allows me to simply sweeten the overall mix!