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Last week Frankfurt, Germany was the central gathering place for dealers, developers and distributors of musical instruments and music production tools from all over the globe.

Following directly behind Prolight + Sound, Musikmesse played host to new product releases and demos, along with attendees from over 130 countries. Here are some of our favorite new gear releases:

Plugin Alliance and brainworx have unveiled three new audio tools:

SPL's chameleon-like EQ Ranger Plus
SPL’s chameleon-like EQ Ranger Plus

The SPL EQ Ranger Plus, is based on a sweet-sounding series of passive graphic EQs designed to focus on optimal center frequencies for each application, instantly providing a quick path to the right settings for a particular kind of instrument.

EQ Rangers Vol. 1 had three separate EQ modules with uniquely optimized frequency settings: The Vox Ranger, Bass Ranger, and Full Ranger. These extremely musical EQs allowed engineers to use handpicked critical bands to quickly dial in a frequency response for those particular sources in their mix.

Now, SPL has collaborated with Brainworx in evolving the EQ Rangers to their next level, 181 genre-specific models designed by Grammy winning mixer/producer Craig Bauer and Brainworx founder Dirk Ulrich.

The Acme Audio Opticom, based on a powerful and flexible optical compressor with glorious tube-powered, triple optoelectric, cold-rolled steel-covered military-grade components. Slap it across the drum buss for solid and seamless LA-2A styled leveling. Force vocals through the input to add grit and attitude to a wimpy take. Use Amp mode to add harmonic color to a guitar or bass line without even touching the dynamics.

The Opticom XLA-3 is a bombproof beast of an optical compressor, and thanks to Acme’s cooperation with Brainworx, it’s now available in plugin form to tame and/or soothe any sound you throw at it.

And finally, the bx_panEQ, an innovative plugin that lets you select an EQ in any area within the entire stereo field. You can now focus on any element in a complex stereo signal and EQ just part of the stereo field.

Three New plugins from Plugin Alliance
Three New plugins from Plugin Alliance.


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