By Fernando Rodrigues of audioXpress

We contacted Plugin Alliance because bx_console got our attention. It’s true that we never get tired of channel strips, but it is also true that—based on the published specs—this is a different kind of channel strip. Of course, it first attracted us because it emulated the channel strip of a coveted Neve console. Not only that: The Neve VXS console whose channels (and yes, the plural here makes sense) are far from accessible to common mortals (the author included). For many years, the Neve VXS was used to record big film orchestras at the Skywalker Ranch in California. It was later acquired by an ex-ABBA member, who moved it to Sweden. It ended up in the Brainworx studio in Germany, where allegedly it has been used in the development of many of the company’s most popular plugins.

So, it’s no surprise that Brainworx decided it was time to showcase its own Neve VXS in a plugin. And nothing is better than to feature it for the first time with a new technology the company has been developing: Tolerance Modeling Technology (TMT). TMT means that, instead of each plugin instance duplicating the characteristics of all the other instances, we can have differences between each instance. This is much like what happens in a real analog console, where each channel has slight sound variances, due to component tolerances defined by each of the channel’s components. All analog components have manufacturing tolerances that state an acceptable range of differences between them. These tolerances vary from 1% on some parts up to 20% in many standard electronic components. 

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