By: Joe_04_04

*A few quick notes I’d like to make before I jump into the review: I approach all noise/reverb reducers the same with the mindset that I will reduce noise and not eliminate it. In my past experience, all noise reducers can only be pushed so far before they start to introduce artifacts that are just as unwanted as the original noise. My end goal is that the reduction is audible enough to make a difference and an improvement (often as little as 3 to 6 dB of reduction). What ERA-D has to offer us is a flexible and superb workflow that is enjoyable to use. A second note I’d like to make is my review tends to target the de-noise aspects a little more than the de-reverb aspects, as I find myself reaching for that processor more so than the other, though I will try to address both.

The Scope: Since the inception of digital recording platforms, professional audio developers have been offering restoration tools for many years. Many developers have created bundles of plugins to address the various different types of processors needed to deal with restoration and noise reduction. Accusonus (creators of the infamous Drumatom) have released a combination plugin that allows you to simultaneously reduces apparent noise and reverberation in audio tracks. Both of these processors are neatly bundled and packaged into one processor...

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