The main characteristics I look for in a filter plugin are ease of use, flexibility, and sound. bx_cleansweep Pro checks all three boxes. It is easy to use and has a shallow learning curve. This is aided by an intuitive interface that is eye-pleasing and intelligently designed. It is both aesthetic and utilitarian - a rare combination.

bx_cleansweep Pro does quite a lot for a filter plugin. In use, it feels more like an instrument than an effect. The depth and variety of shaping goes way beyond an EQ or simple filter box. It has six filter options with adjustable slopes, each having HP and LP with various parameters that can be manipulated, e.g., Cutoff, Type, Order, and other settings that are specific to certain filters, not available for all (Resonance, Selectivity, with Ripple in the passband). Each filter is adjustable up to the 6th order for precise control. The filter Type knob steps have unique names: Butterworth, Bessel, Chebyshev I, Chebyshev II, Elliptic, and Resonant Butterworth.

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