When we at Plugin Alliance released the public beta for our Installation Manager application, we asked you for feedback, and you delivered! Since then, we have been hard at work on implementing many of your requests and suggestions, and now we are ready to invite you to check out the results in our new Installation Manager v1.1.

As with the original, version 1.1 provides a fast and easy way to download and install all your Plugin Alliance plugins at once. What’s new? A lot. We’re happy to report that we have implemented your biggest feature request by far: account integration. Users can now log into their accounts and use the “My Plugins” button to instantly show and select all the plugins they own. Another big timesaver for anyone who owns more than a few Plugin Alliance plugins!

Also new in version 1.1 is an automatic update check with one-click updates -- ensuring that you always have the current version of the IM. There are also new sorting features for beta testers, along with several bug fixes, including a fix to the “Offline Installation” process.

Big thanks to everyone who provided their feedback. You helped make the Installation Manager better!

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