April 4, 20161,365 Views

Plugin Alliance is the market leader in AAX DSP plugins. V1.2 of the 100% AAX DSP Bundle extends this lead. Offering 45 premier plugins from world-class companies like Brainworx, elysia, Mäag Audio, SPL, Millennia, Vertigo and more, there has never been a more complete, and completely awesome, collection of AAX DSP plugins for your Pro Tools HDX rig. In addition to supporting AAX DSP, these plugins also support AAX native, Audio Units and VST at no additional charge, 

New to version 1.2 of the 100% AAX DSP Bundle comes a revolutionary new product from Brainworx, the bx_panEQ. This panoramic equalizer can be used to treat frequency content within selected parts across the stereo field, without affecting surrounding regions! Imagine boosting the presence of a hi-hat on the left of a stereo track without affecting the cymbals on the right or middle, or stretching the sound of a guitar across a stereo recording by boosting lows on the left and highs on the right- all through one simple spectral interface that shows frequency response vs. panorama. The bx_panEQ sports three bands with panorama focus control and proportional Q behavior, giving you total control over precise changes to frequency content across the stereo field.


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