Alex Solano AV Shoot

Plugin Alliance and Alex Solano forge creative partnership.

We're really excited to announce our partnership with Alex Solano. Alex Solano, of Plugin Connection, is an Independent Producer/Engineer and YouTube personality who has drawn in his audience through music tech education.

A veteran in the Industry, Alex has worked for major companies including, Avid, Digidesign, M-Audio, Akai Professional, just to name a few. Obtaining a BA in Music Technology, Alex has since become an effective product trainer and evangelist.

Alex has gained his popularity in the social network providing cunning videos online. Whether it’s explaining mixing concepts or showing the latest tools in digital audio, his ability to educate the online community is one worth watching.

You can keep up with Alex at the following locations:

Check out Alex's overview of the new mixing and mastering tool by Brainworx, bx_refinement.


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