By: Carmen Borgia

We’re always hearing about the good old days of analog, when all of the non-linearities of tubes, transistors, transformers and tape combined to color recordings in a wonderful way. From the beginning of digital, producers and engineers have been trying to figure out how to get the flavor of analog with the convenience and price of the new technology. But now, many desirable and popular analog devices have made the crossing to the world of the plug-in.

The Vertigo Sound VSM-3 by Brainworx is a plug-in reproduction of the hardware VSM-2, a fascinating, well regarded (and expensive) tool for mixing and mastering. The original hardware VSM-2 was designed to add harmonic distortion,  and act as a bit of a “hub” for the mastering studio. The VSM-3, offered by Plugin Alliance, eliminates some of the hub features, but keeps all of the tonal capabilities of the original....

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