This product is not being sold anymore as of July 9, 2018

It was replaced by the originally branded Solid State Logic "bx_console SSL 4000 E" plugin, which you can find HERE.

We will continue to maintain bx_console E/G for existing users, so you will be able to download the installers and use the plugins just like before. We just don't sell new copies of this plugin anymore.

If you own the non-SSL branded bx_console E and/or G plugins, you have received fair upgrade offers before we started selling the new SSL versions, and you can still upgrade from Your Account.

The new SSL branded versions have been developed with and approved by Solid State Logic (SSL), and have been improved in many ways over the existing versions with the help of the SSL developers and their original schematics.

  • Revisited Component Modeling with assistance of the SSL engineers
  • Created using the original Solid State Logic 4000 E/G schematics
  • Completely overhauled EQ, Dynamics & Filter sections
  • New Brainworx features added: THD ALL and V-Gain ALL
  • For details please visit the new product pages in the Channel Strips section

Audio Examples

Industry Reviews

  • Jody Wisternoff

    Jody Wisternoff

    Way Out West

    Excellent SSL emulations. Their very unique sound is cleverly replicated. These plugins are a great way to access classic mojo in the comfort of your own home. Will be using frequently!

  • Lee Slater

    Lee Slater

    Producer/Mixer/Engineer (Emeli Sande, Roots Manuva, Lana del Rey)

    OMG, your drums will thank you for this! Bigger, better, harder -- it's like having a console at your fingertips! The E series EQ/comp on drums has always been my favourite, but now with the mix… Read More

  • Michael Zimmerling

    Michael Zimmerling

    (Bloc Party, Simply Red, Will Young)

    The wizards from Brainworx have done it again! All their console emulations deliver rich sound and realistic punch which had seemed to be impossible!

  • Josh Newell

    Josh Newell

    Producer/Engineer/Mixer (Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, Anthrax, Puff Daddy)

    The Brainworx E and G console emulations are great. They sound more open than other console emulations I've tried. The addition of the blend knob and HPF on the dynamics section is also a… Read More

  • Katie Tavini

    Katie Tavini

    Mastering Engineer (Red Bull, Sonic Boom Six, Bonehead)

    The bx_console E responds as if you're using the real thing. It really brings audio to life, with an insanely musical EQ and punchy compression. The amount of cool little features on this plugin… Read More

Customer Reviews

  • Dope plugin

    by Hvrg
    Dope plugin.
    Too bad we are charged so much for a GUI update with SSL on it
  • Damn guys!

    by arasi
    I bought this and Neve console after long consideration, because I've never liked channel strips too much but after demoing these I was blown away.
    Both of the consoles changed my whole… Read More
  • Best SSL

    by Andy P
    I had the pleasure of using an SSL console in the late 80’s, so I knew what sound I was looking for, and the Bx_Console E Sounded very accurate to me. I love it. I also compared it to others… Read More
  • bx_Console SSL 4000 E

    by WhyzGuy Studios
    The SSL version was well worth purchasing, especially with the upgrade price for existing owner of the already fabulous bx_console E.
    The updated compressor is much snappier and sounds very… Read More
  • BX Console E

    by JJ
    Love this plugin. I have worked on the console this is emulating. Great job.
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Supported Plugin Formats
AAX DSP, AAX Native, AU, AAX AudioSuite, VST2, VST3

Supported Operating Systems
MacOS 10.9 through 10.14
Windows 7 through 10

Intel CPU only (minimum 2 GHz recommended)

Intel-compatible CPU with SSE2 instruction set (Pentium 4 compatible or higher; minimum 2 GHz recommended)

System Requirements
Display resolution: 1440 × 900px or 1280 × 960px or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM


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bx_console E

Brainworx bx_console E - Changelog

Version 1.3 (Nov 16, 2018)
- General: macOS Mojave compatibility
- General: Windows October 2018 update compatibility
- General: adding Windows High DPI support for VST2/3 plugins
- General: Fixed potential crashes in Cubase and other VST2 / VST3 DAWs
- General: Fixed potential CPU spikes and audio dropouts
- General: Fixed rendering in Pro Tools on the start of a session
- General: Fixed missing presets in Wavelab and other VST3 DAWs
- General: Improving keyboard control, fixing issues with catched keys preventing it from passing through to DAW
- General: Fixed parallel use of host sessions (e.g. with Live)

Version 1.2 (May 24, 2018)
- General: Microsoft Windows Redstone 4 compatibility
- General: Added computer keyboard control for plugin parameters
- General: Fixed Mouse scroll wheel not working in Windows 8
- General: Fixed an issue where plugins will not validate or load after a certain amount of plugins have been loaded (Windows)
- General: Fixed visual GUI freezes when adjusting DAW parameters, meters, analyzers (Mac)
- General: Fixed possible issue with Pick Pack licenses
- General: Small licenser stability fix
- Fixed bug where Link button and L/C meter in the GUI have the wrong state (on/off resp. mono/stereo) when reopening a session or switching back to default settings/preset
- Fixed TMT Channel not being correctly written in all automation modes

Version 1.1.1 ()
- Fixed gain scaling for EQ pots

Version 1.1 (Oct 23, 2017)
- General: Mac OS High Sierra compatibility
- General: Fixed possible crash on online activation (Mac OS High Sierra)
- General: Fixed Logic Pro X not validating AU plugins (Mac OS High Sierra)
- General: Fixed CPU spikes and crashes with Cubase (Windows)
- General: Fixed bug that could lead to "AAE -6 error" in ProTools (Windows)
- General: Fixed crash with FL Studio
- General: Fixed crash when cross-opening plugins in various hosts
- General: Fixed crash when using mixdown in Audition
- General: Fixed crash in Final Cut Pro
- General: Fixed delayed parameter handling and crackling issues in Cubase with VST3
- General: Fixed bug where plugin settings were not saved in Harrison Mixbus
- General: Fixed bug that led to AAE error -9317 in ProTools when instantiating plugin
- General: Fixed bug where plugins did not render properly when "x ray" option is enabled in Sonar
- General: Modifications to factory presets were lost when reopening session
- General: Fixed mouse wheel behaviour with second monitor setup (Windows)
- Some plugins: Value labels do not appear every time when clicking on parameter in UI
- General: Faster instantiation time for plugins (Windows)
- General: Adding support for automation highlighting in Presonus StudioOne
- Fixed compressor mix knob scale in the UI

Version 1.0 (Jul 24, 2017)
- Release version