The Brainworx ENGL Amp Bundle brings to the native plugin world a quality of guitar amp emulation previously only available to users of DSP based systems. Brainworx has built a reputation as the premier amp emulation company and the ENGL models included in this bundle are a big reason why. Now, for the first time, these high quality emulations of ENGL’s legendary E765 Retro Tube and E646 Victor Smolski amplifiers are available in VST, Audio Units and AAX native formats! The ENGL Amp Bundle also includes the Brainworx bx_tuner, which provides a fast and highly accurate way to tune your guitar before hitting that record button.

ENGL Amps have gained a reputation in the music scene for delivering the ultimate metal tones over the past decade or so. The ‘noted users’ website reads like an international Who is Who in rock and metal! The ENGL E646 VS is shredding legend Victor Smolski’s signature amp and it delivers all the high gain goodness you’d expect. The ENGL E765 RT provides more vintage tones, running from warm cleans to chunk to higher gain sounds. With just these two amps, you can cover a lot of colors in the rock and roll guitar palette.

Anybody who has recorded amps in the studio knows that capturing the sound you hear in the room when you’re playing is not easy. You need quality microphones, a great sounding console, outboard gear, and above all, the knowledge an experience to know how to set up the amp, the mics and the entire signal path. Brainworx founder and CEO, Dirk Ulrich, was a rock producer for 15 years before he entered the plugin business, having recorded musicians from bands like Dream Theater, Toto, Michael Jackson Band and many more. Dirk has produced 64 recording chains for each ENGL amp at the PMC-monitoring equipped www.brainworx-studio.de, capturing 3 different ENGL cabinets recorded with up to 9 different hi-end vintage and modern microphones through Brainworx’s NEVE VXS72 console (1 out of 9 consoles of this type which exist) and using outboard EQ from Millennia, SPL and elysia. The resulting tones, which would take tons of gear, time and expertise to achieve by traditional means, can be selected from a simple menu inside the plugin. Brainworx has even provided an “Auto” mode that allows you to step through each of the 64 IRs while playing until you find the tone you’re looking for.

List price of the included plugins: $317 so you save over 28%!

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Download the fully functional 14-day demo today to hear for yourself! (No dongle required!)

Bundle Products

    • Brainworx
    • bx_tuner
    • Fast, accurate tuning with useful features like muting or dimming. Tune up your axe right before you hit the record button.
    • ENGL
    • E646 VS
    • The ENGL E646 VS delivers the tones required for modern metal--from crystal cleans to high gain goodness. Rock it!!!
    • ENGL
    • E765 RT
    • Warm Cleans, Singing Distortion & Crunchy Rock Riffs.

Audio Examples

Industry Reviews

  • Glenn Tipton
    Glenn Tipton

    Engl is the first ampline that I have ever used that not only has balls….But Attitude, right out of the box!

  • Ritchie Blackmore
    Ritchie Blackmore

    Engl Amps are the best amps I’ve ever used- not only are they powerful, but they have texture and character too.

  • Rudolf Schenker
    Rudolf Schenker

    Since more than ten years ENGL is my choice for any live and studio situation.  Perfect sounding and absolutely reliable amps!

  • Steve Morse
    Steve Morse

    I love the fast dynamics, the tone and the bottom end of ENGL amps!  I was sold on these amps even before I actually heard them. I love the design and the perfect sound for any… Read More

Customer Reviews


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