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Perfect for home musicians and podcasters on a budget
RX Elements is the perfect introduction to the world of audio repair, offering essential plug-ins and modules to remove noise, clipping, clicks, hum, and other problems in dialogue and music recordings. Get four of our best repair modules, which can be used standalone and as plug-ins with your DAW of choice. This includes the completely overhauled De-hum module, which now features increased precision for better hum detection and new parameter controls for fine tuning. You also get a standalone audio editor featuring the groundbreaking Repair Assistant, and an intuitive Spectrogram Editor—now with horizontal scrolling—all at an ultra-affordable price. If you're getting started in recording or need a quick fix for problematic production audio, iZotope RX Elements is your go-to solution.

Standalone editor with intelligent processing
More than a plug-in suite, RX Elements also gives you a standalone editor that offers beautiful, informative visualization, intelligent repair powered by iZotope machine learning, and a complement of useful audio tools. Repair Assistant analyzes audio and automatically detects noise, clicks, pops, and more. It can even offer you different processing suggestions, and lets you audition results in real time, at different intensity levels. For those looking to dive deeper, you get access to four powerful audio repair processors with AU and VST support, along with other utilities such as Fade, Gain, Stereo, and Phase controls.

Industry-leading repair tools for small studios
Get four of our most essential tools for fixing problems that would otherwise ruin a recording. Eliminate ground hum and other tonal noise with improved De-hum. Reduce background room noise, amp hiss, and other ambient issues with Voice De-noise. Fix distortion caused by clipping with De-clip, and handle clicks, pops, and other artifacts with De-click. With RX Elements, high-quality production audio is now within your reach.

RX Elements: Features

Repair Assistant
Representing the latest advances in iZotope's assistive audio technology, Repair Assistant is a game-changing intelligent audio-repair tool that can detect noise, clipping, clicks, and more: so now everyone can solve common audio issues faster than ever. Simply select the type of material you’re working on—music, dialogue, other—and let RX Elements analyze and diagnose problem areas in your audio files. Repair Assistant offers processing suggestions at three different intensities (light, medium, or heavy) to help give you your desired result. Review and audition different suggestions, hit render, and let RX Elements do the rest for you!

RX Audio Editor Standalone Application
Visually identify audio problems with the horizontally scrollable Spectrogram view, and then use familiar image editing tools to fix the issue.

De-hum [Improved]
Remove ground loop hum and line noise.

Voice De-noise
Finely tuned for vocals and dialogue, reduce unwanted steady state or evolving background noise like refrigerator hum, air conditioning noise, and amp hiss.

Repair digital and analog clipping artifacts to restore distorted audio.

Clean up vinyl clicks, mouth noise, and soften up clicky bass guitars with the new low-latency De-click algorithm.


  • Includes standalone RX Audio Editor with spectral editing

  • Repair Assistant for instant audio repair solutions

  • newly improved and redesigned De-hum plug-in for removing buzz and grounding issues

  • Voice De-noise plug-in for removing unwanted background noise

  • De-click plug-in for eliminating clicks and pops

  • De-clip plug-in for fixing clipped audio

  • Workflow enhancements including horizontal scrolling

  • Increased audio tab limit in RX Audio Editor—work with up to 32 files at once

  • Horizontal scrolling in Spectrogram display

  • Four individual module plug-ins work in AAX, AU, and VST formats—and much more

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Supported Plugin Formats


All plug-in formats are 64-bit only.

Supported Operating Systems

Mac: OS X 10.13.6 High Sierra - macOS 11.6 Big Sur*

PC: Windows 10

  • Supported on Intel-based Macs or in Rosetta on ARM-based Apple Silicon Macs only.

Supported Hosts:

Ableton Live 9.7 - 11, Audition CC, Cubase 10 – 11, FL Studio 20, Logic Pro, Nuendo 11, Premiere Pro CC, Pro Tools 2020 - Pro Tools 2021, REAPER 6, Studio One 5.




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